Flat.C ~ For the Flat Screens

In my bid in looking for a feature wall design, I came across Designer Wall Systems which struck a chord with my ideas. In one of my previous posts about home libraries, I had brought forth the various possible locations of a home library. They can be found in their own dedicated room or blend […]

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Elbow Chair ~ A New Past

Over the decades, going back to basics had been the technique for reviving ailing company. Well, of course, this post has nothing to do with companies. Rather, it is about an U-turn in design mindset. Luxury and extravagant colours of the contemporary wind had brought about complexities and visual complications. This is why I had […]

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Lifewood ~ Throne of Life

A couple of days ago, I was showing my other half on the Living Room Design that I had conceived with the Flexform Groundpiece Sofa as the centerpiece. Upon looking at the Groundpiece, my other half suggested that the Groundpiece looks a little too heavy and bulky and asked me about my thin profile preferences. […]

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