Groundpiece ~ A Piece of Grand Ground

All along, I had been a fan of thin profile sofas that gives a sense of airiness and lightweight Minimalism for the eyes. Sofas such as B&B Italia’s Charles, Flexform’s Lifewood and BoConcept’s Istra are good examples of such lightweight contenders. Today’s feature is somewhat a deviation from my normal preferences. Today’s sofa will be a heavyweight on the eyes and sits close to the ground. The chunky frames and thick cushions are opposites of what I had previously advocated. Designed in 2001 by the Maestro of Anti-Design, Antonio Citterio, the Flexform Groundpiece is another masterpiece that totally changed my perspectives.

Flexform Groundpiece is available either in the soft armrest or the shelving armrest.

Advertisement from Flexform Website.

My initial take on the Groundpiece is a sofa comfortable for the butt, but not on the back. If you look at the back rests, you will find them incredibly low, at slightly above waist level. Even though there are cushions placed for back support, the soft down filled cushions are not going to help in supporting the back, until I visited Space Asia Hub over the weekend to visualize the design for my next home. I sat on the Groundpiece sofa and lay back to feel how “bad” the support is going to be. Although the cushions are holding its shape quite well, I was thinking that there is no way it could provide the back supporting that I am feeling. Turning my head back, I realised that there is an additional cylindrical cushion to increase the back support. Further research revealed that the cushions are a composition of poly-dacron core surrounded by down feathers to give it the resilience and comfort.

The trick to the back support is in the cylinder behind the cushion.

Without the cylinder supports, the cushion fell flat.

The sofa was comfortable beyond its looks, both on the butt as well as on the back. I felt that I could fall asleep on this wonderful sofa. The seats were deep at 122cm in overall depth. There are absolutely no issues for the tall or the long-legged. The cushions are sofa and the texture of the fabric of the display piece feels luxurious. Being a modular sofa, the signature from Flexform is highly configurable and will look great in Living Rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Deep seats and modular forms allows total versatility in configurations.

After feeling so good sitting in the Groundpiece, I have to dive into the form of the sofa, its design. Designed in the early millennium, the Groundpiece is a contemporary piece with classic lines so that it can suit both the contemporary living room or the more formal settings of a luxurious home. The loudest and the most defining design in the Groundpiece is not its amazing backrest that gives it a low profile look that brings its overall visual height down (it is only 56cm tall). It is the leather clad metal shelving that doubles as armrests, table or even form part of the back. The sofa legs come in satinized or chromed finishing on the small metallic rods to complete its rounded edge. This design feature is extremely good for modern condominiums in Singapore which are usually designed with both the living room and the dining room in the same rectangular space, by the full height vista windows panes. The sofa in such layouts will have to take on the responsibility of demarcating the space or the divider between the two different spaces sharing a common area.

Flexform Groundpiece – Absolute Luxury.

Excellent for Contemporary

The above configuration is one of my favourite. Pictures above from CentroForme Showroom.

The Flexform Groundpiece truly shines in large spaced and you will need a big Living Room for it to fully stretch its wings. This is one sofa that changed my perspectives of being sleek. It had found a place in my top 10.


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