Ginger (Ale) ~ Refinement in a Shell

Simple, comfortable and refined. These are the attributes that I will use to describe the Poltrona Frau Ginger and its more compact brother, Ginger Ale. Designed in 2011 and 2012 respectively by Roberto Lazzeroni, Ginger is an easy chair while Ginger Ale is a more informal and simplified variant of Ginger. The most evident signs of the simplification is in its simpler shell and legs.

The Ginger spells luxury and refinement.

Let’s go into the design of the chairs first. The Ginger and Ginger Ale have similar profiles and silhouettes and you will be hard pressed to tell them apart at first sight until you look closer and know them better. Both chairs have a unique high density and rigidity polyurethane shell that are exceptionally thin. The shell is then padded in polyurethane foam for that soft and comfortable feel. The Outer shell of the Ginger is then finished with a single layer of 5mm thick Saddle leather Extra in either Dark Brown or Camel. The inner shell is upholstered in Pelle Frau® Color System leather for that contrast to add visual dynamics. The Ginger also have a set of solid ash wood legs with triangular profile.

The Ginger is great for the cozy private study or the luxurious dining room.

Luxurious finishing means a good fit in a large bedroom with a built-in study. Picture from Home and Decor

The Ginger Ale, on the other hand has a simpler and less luxurious finishing on its outer shell with cement or anthracite varnishing in place of the Saddle Leather finishing on the Ginger. But Poltrona Frau is smart not to differentiate these 2 variants of the Ginger Chair by compromising on the comfort of the chair. The Ginger Ale has the same options in the interior upholstery of the shell in Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System and runs the leather along the outer edges of the body shell. In place of the more sophisticated solid ash wood legs of the Ginger, the Ginger Ale has simple metal legs to accompany the industrial finishing of the outer shell. Great thoughts there. The Ginger Ale is best suited for the dining table while the Ginger fits well in the cozy enclosures of a private study. Of course, for the luxury inspired dining rooms, there is always the Ginger to take care of your family and guests. These pictures from Poltrona Frau simply tell the whole story.

The Ginger looks more industrial than its elder brother.

The Ginger Ale is cool for the casual diners.

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