Lifewood ~ Throne of Life

A couple of days ago, I was showing my other half on the Living Room Design that I had conceived with the Flexform Groundpiece Sofa as the centerpiece. Upon looking at the Groundpiece, my other half suggested that the Groundpiece looks a little too heavy and bulky and asked me about my thin profile preferences. Well, that got me. Yeah, I love thin profile sofas for their Minimalism and lightweight looks. But the Groundpiece was just so comfortable when I sat in it last weekend at the Space Showroom that I can’t help, but to turn my attention to it. On top of that, it was so configurable and offers great extra storage space in its armrests. Reality hit me when I look at the cost of a Flexform Groundpiece Sofa. It was way beyond my affordability even in fabric upholstery. My wife then pointed out to another sofa option that I was showing her, the Flexform Lifewood. The reason she preferred the Lifewood over the Groundpiece? The wooden legs. Well, we both love the warmth of wood. 🙂

Flexform Lifewood’s Deep Seating and Voluminous Armrests makes a great comfort proposition while its thin profiled seats and wooden legs exudes Minimalism.

The Flexform Lifewood was designed back in 2005. Initially, I am not sure whether it was designed by Antonio Citterio or Flexform’s in house Design Team as I found conflicting information online. But this was verified at Flexform’s website and Lifewood is not part of Antonio Citterio’s portfolio on the website. Well, it doesn’t matter who designed it as a good design will be a good design.

The Lifewood is also available in an Armchair variant that looks like a throne. CS Pictures from

The Flexform Lifewood has a thin profile with its thin seat cushions and tall airy legs in wood. This creates a similar lightweight profile as the B&B Italia Charles Sofa which I liked. The low back rests also creates an air of Minimalism. The big difference between the Flexform Lifewood and the B&B Italia Charles Sofa is in its arm rests. Initially, I found the Charles Sofa armrests a little too bulky and preferred the thin armrests of the B&B Italia George Sofa. Look at the Flexform Lifewood and you will see the real volume. It boasts two thick blocks of armrests in contrast to its thin seat cushions and thin wooden legs. This created a visual contrast and a very unique look of coziness amidst its Minimalist profile. Just imagine a Poltrona Frau Quadra with raised armrests and you are right about there. Its armchair variant spots the same voluminous armrests and that looks really like a comfortable “throne” to me.

Great CGs from give a better all round view of the sofa.

In the comfort department, softness of the arm rests and back rests are ensured with pressed polyurethane padding covered with dacron and metal inserts for holding that shape. Seat cushions comes with options of down-filled with a resilient core or polyurethane with dacron. The cushions for hugging and support your back are all down-filled.

More CGs from

This new preference of the Flexform Lifewood made me rethink the whole combinations of furniture in the Living Room and I need to go back to the drawing board to re-conceptualize. Nevertheless, it’s a fun process.

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