Elbow Chair ~ A New Past

Over the decades, going back to basics had been the technique for reviving ailing company. Well, of course, this post has nothing to do with companies. Rather, it is about an U-turn in design mindset. Luxury and extravagant colours of the contemporary wind had brought about complexities and visual complications. This is why I had always love the feel of Minimalism and wood. Given a choice without the restrictions of the cash in the pocket, I had always loved the raw and light finishes of wood that brings out the grain and structures of the wood work. It just brings up the whole perception of quality and craftsmanship. Of course, this wouldn’t work for just any piece of furniture. The rawness does works against poor quality material. Look no further when you come face to face with Carl Hansen & Son masterpieces. Today’s post will be from the archives of beautiful masterpieces from Hans J. Wenger, the CH20 Elbow chair.

The “new” CH20 Elbow Chair by Hans J. Wegner. Pictures from Carl Hansen & Son Website.

Although the CH20 Elbow Chair was designed in 1956 by Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son produced this simple looking, stackable dining chair only in 2005. With the strong demand and interests in Modern Classics in the past decade, it is no doubt a sensible strategy of many reputable manufacturers of Modern Classics to dig into the archives of these classic Masters and produce models not put in production before or even breathe a fresh wind of life into reviving some models which had ended production decades ago. The CH07 Shell Chair is one such example.

The CH20 Elbow Chairs are stackable and saves space.

Going back to the CH20 Elbow Chair, it spots a low and curved horizontal back with an upright stance which makes it look proper and well suited for the working desk as well as a dining chair which it was primarily designed for. Its compact dimensions and stackable design allows it to take up a small footprint and for easy storage. It’s a great piece to augment your seating capacity back at home if you are a frequent entertainer of guests and it does not look anything like the dreaded plastic foldable chairs that destroys your entire home decor the moment you start laying them around.

Loke Leather graces the seat of this Elbow Chair.

Black Finishing looks kind of cool as well.

It’s compact dimensions are great for the Dining Table.

The frame of the CH20 Elbow Chair is made from Danish hardwoods and you will get options of either oak or ash and you can choose from a variety of finishings. I believe you would have already known my choice from the start of this post or even back when I posted on the CH24 Wishbone Chair. My choice of frame and finishing would have to be the Oak finished in Soap. That smoothness and lightness of the wood grain and the colour just puts peace into your mind. There is simply a strong sense of peacefulness akin to Zen when I look at Carl Hansen Oak furniture finished in Soap. The seat of the CH20 is made from a special 11-ply construction to give it the stability and a choice of Loke leather, which has a uniform surface and thickness without visible scars or marks and is highly resistant to stains and fading. This excellent finishing is the result of the process of buffing, embossing and coating of a protective layer. Of course, there is also the option of a fabric upholstery for a broad appeal.

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