Flat.C ~ For the Flat Screens

In my bid in looking for a feature wall design, I came across Designer Wall Systems which struck a chord with my ideas. In one of my previous posts about home libraries, I had brought forth the various possible locations of a home library. They can be found in their own dedicated room or blend into part of another room such as the Living Room or Dining Room. This is where Wall Systems shine. These Designer Systems looks great in the brochures or Living Rooms or Dining Rooms and often feature enclosed or open shelving. The Wall System that I will talk about today is from B&B Italia and designed by who else, but Antonio Citterio in 2008 – the Flat.C. An interesting name that befits its design, the Flat.C is a system of thin shelving without visible joints that makes the whole system look light. More importantly, the Flat.C is designed to house everything in the smallest possible amount of space with its 25cm depth and its extremely thin, but strong shelves.

These are my favourite Media Console Variants for the Living Room Wall System.

A wall system is usually used either as displays, book storage, cabinets or as a Media Console or TV Mount. Often than not, these 2 features are combined when choosing a Wall System for the Living Room. The Flat.C is no stranger to such demands. It offers random looking sections of shelving to create that much-needed variety and tone in the Living Room where entertainment takes place, rather than being boring fixed shelf system of no visual interest. The Flat.C also comes in a broad range of combinations and colours to further spice things up. Its different combinations allows it to be used for the variety of applications as any other Wall Systems are capable of.

Flat.C for the Living Room either as a Media Console or a Bookshelf (Pictures from B&B Italia Website).

Flat.C for the Dining Room as a Bookshelf (Pictures from B&B Italia Website).

Flat.C for the Home Library or Reading Nook (Pictures from B&B Italia Website).

As mentioned in Architonic website, books and TVs are 2 essential companions in our lives and yet, their development are so vastly different in the past half a century. Although books are available in soft copies, the age-old paper material is still the mainstay and remains largely unchanged through the times. TV, on the other hand, had undergone a huge change where the screen sizes had gone larger and larger while the thickness of today’s screens had been shrunk to a mere fraction of yesterday’s CRT TVs.

Flat.C in Detail (Pictures from B&B Italia Website).

But these 2 companions of our lives can make or break a deco. To resolve this, the Flat.C System is designed to hold the TV and its media companion with proper systems to hide the messy wires while beautifully displaying the collection of books that you have. A bookshelf full of books is never going to be a visual stunner, unless you have colour coded book spines or you display your books in moderation. My personal choice would be to have a collection of beautiful books and small sculptural objects within my planned colour palette to complement the spaces in the shelves. We need not fill up the entire shelf just to make the space worth. A few empty shelves will make the Flat.C look just find and not overload your visual sensory with objects placed in it. The Flat.C Wall System is a display in its own rights. Hence, we should not let the books and display objects take away its shine.

The Flat.C, as it is, after taking away the Picture Perfect Professional Photography (Picture from Loewe)

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