Wood Base Stool ~ Tall Ribbons

Recently, while searching for my future home, I came across a floor plan that would allow me to have a Dry Kitchen layout complete with a Wet Kitchen for the Asian cooking that my family would usually indulge in. Having a Dry Kitchen would also mean opening up the possibility of having a Kitchen Island […]

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Gothic Chair ~ Shrek Attack!

If you think that the chair that you are looking at is reminiscence of a chair right out of the animation Shrek, you are not alone. Well, that is, at least, my impression. This is helped by the bright and cheerful array of colours that seem to appeal a lot to kids. So, what appeal […]

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Polo ~ Soft Enclave

I had learnt about Piero Lissoni’s designs about half a year back when I read about him in a local magazine. Initially, I did not really take a notice as the magazine feature is more of an interview than talking about his designs. Thereafter, I came across some really nice contemporary designs such as Moov […]

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