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Its being more than a week since my last post due to my compressed work schedule to finish off what needs to be done prior to my week-long holidays and crawling back the piling loads of work after I’m back. Phew, now that the stress is over, I can put my keyboard to work again. 🙂 After the week-long hiatus, I decided to go back to my favourite topic, chairs. What else is better to restart my engines than to go back to one of my favourite brands, B&B Italia?

I shall touch on a 2011 design by Patricia Urquiola. I remember watching the video of an interview with Patricia Urquiola on her inspiration of creating the Husk chair. She mentioned that her inspiration is from the comfort to be surrounded by pillows. Hence, she stitched a series of soft cushions together to form the seat base and arm rests. I would say that this design is pure surrealism put into reality. Before my holidays, my wife and I made a trip down to Space Asia Hub and had a brief encounter with the Husk Chair. It won praises from my wife for the high levels of comfort she experienced while sitting on it.

Patricia Urquiola herself in her own creation.

Standard Sized Cushions

Large Cushions Variant with Ottoman

Very Large Cushions Variant with Headrests

Supporting the cushions galore is a hard shell made of Hirek®. The chair is available in a 3 types of cushions: standard, large and very large. It also features the option of having a headrest for that additional support of your neck. A matching ottoman is also available to rest your legs. The plastic exoskeleton shell is also available with a wide range of colour and finishing options. Couple this with different swivel options (black painted, brushed light oak or grey oak) and numerous B&B Italia leather and fabric covers, the Husk Chair is a highly customizable chair. Take a standard sized cushion and throw in a dark coloured shell, tan leather cover and a black painted or brushed light oak swivel base, the Husk sits nicely in a traditional and formal Living Room as a luxurious and elegant armchair.

The Husk in Diorama.

Choose a splash of colourful fabrics for its covers with a white shell and the Husk chair turns into one funky and colourful contemporary piece of Art Decor. The versatility of the Husk chair and it’s eco-friendly design and build makes it a truly contemporary piece of furniture that is inline with the green-conscious consumers of today. Although the Husk is made from recycled materials and is designed to be capable of fully disassembling for future ease of recycling, it does not come at a cheap price. It is still a B&B Italia piece with quality and luxury that is befitting of the brand.

2012 spells the expansion of the Husk range to include a dining chair. Well, interestingly, the shell of the dining chair looks more attractive to me as it provides more form to the otherwise soft and organic shape. The shell of the 2012 Husk chair is now made from Baydur® plastic and can be had in either a fixed or swivel base in die-cast aluminum. The finishing of the base will matched to different coloured shells. For white shells, the base will be painted in white or glossy bronze nickel finish. You will be looking at a painted black or glossy bronzed nickel finished base for the anthracite, brown and dove grey shells. The shell is even more customizable than the 2011 Husk, given the additional options of a leather shell variant available in 5 different colours. This additional options creates an even more versatile chair than the 2011 variant. This time round, the cushions are matched to the sculpted form of the shell to unify the two vastly different elements of hard and soft.

2012 Dining Chair Variant

There is also the Outdoor variant that comes with a modified four-legged fixed base design and only available in a white coloured shell. The fixed based is also available only in either black or white. The swivel base however, comes in a variety of colours to add that interesting splash. As an outdoor variant, the cushions has to be different to withstand the elements of heat and water. Hence, a high-tech waterproof fabric is used to cover the cushions unlike the delicate leather and normal fabric available for the rest of the internal ranges.

Outdoor Husk (Pictures from B&B Italia Website)

In summary, the Husk chair is a surreal and sculptural chair that offers great comfort with huge versatility to boot. An exceptional design from Patricia Urquiola.

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