Chester One ~ Traditional Prestige

This series of furnishing that we are about to look at is no doubt a signature piece as well as one of the most traditional designs that still sits well in a contemporary setting. Just by looking at it provokes the thought of the amount of time, skills and workmanship put in by the experienced Artisans whom built these masterpieces. The Poltrona Frau Chester One series from the 1912 Poltrona Frau Archives is 100 years old and still manage to look amazingly relevant in today’s flood of ideas and designs in this large furniture market. Just read the below extract from Architonic to “feel” the levels of mastery required to hand-make this piece of luxury.

Poltrona Frau Chester One – The Collection (Picture from blog)

“In each piece, the artisan mastery and zest for perfection, which have been the hallmark of Poltrona Frau since its beginnings, can be seen in the capitonné effect workmanship and in the series of tacks that give a finishing touch to the leather on the backs of the seats. The vegetable horsehair of the padding in the back rest and armrests is hand-modelled. The springs are eight-way springs, tied by hand and supported on jute webbing.”

The quality construction and the hand-made Chester One makes it an art.

Poltrona Frau Artisans demonstrating the skills required to make a Chester One at the Expo 2010 Shanghai (Pictures from Poltrona Frau)

The materials department is not spared from the critical selection of quality to ensure luxury and durability. Seasoned beech-wood is used to build the frame of the sofas and chairs while the legs, also in beech-wood, comes finished with a natural finish, dark walnut or lacquered black for the low variant. The high variant, is available in leather-upholstered beech-wood or in polished aluminium. The furnishing is wrapped in none other than the Pelle Frau® leather or high quality fabric options and the seat cushions come padded with goose down and an insert in polyurethane foam.

Classic Quality (Picture from blog)

Poltrona Frau Chester 1 Sofa

More Picture of Quality – Poltrona Frau Chester One Sofa (Picture from Poltrona Frau Facebook Page)

The reissue of the Chester One throughout Poltrona Frau’s history develops into a collection of sofas, armchair and a pouf. The four-seater variant has to be my favourite with its long and thinner profile seat cushions to add elegance and grace in the otherwise thickly padded sofa-back. Having the history behind the design that dates back to King Edward’s time where Poltrona Frau’s founder, Renzo Frau first created the armchair for the King, helps add that touch of class and character to your contemporary living room.

The Chester One Armchair, where it all begins (Pictures from Poltrona Frau Website)

Then comes the 2-Seater Sofa (Picture from Poltrona Frau Website)

The Chster One grows into the 3-Seater Sofa (Picture from Poltrona Frau Website)

My favourite 4-Seater has a visually thinner profile seat cushions (Picture from Poltrona Frau Website)

I saw the four-seater piece in wood and leather for the first time during my visit to Proof Living’s Warehouse Sale a couple of months back and that made the trip all worth while. When I look back at a piece of B&B Italia’s Ray Sofa upholstered in leather that cost 3 times more than a piece of Poltrona Frau four-seater Chester One Sofa (the Ray sofa was not on sale while the Chester One was on a huge discount during the warehouse sales), the choice for the lucky ones who can afford it may suddenly become quite obvious, especially if you take into consideration the history and workmanship poured into creating this sofa. Of course, there will always be the pure contemporary advocates who will not allow an Eclectic mix of a classic Chester One Sofa disturbing the “peace”. As an Eclectic, I know what my choice will be if I am able to afford either one. 🙂

My first encounter with the Chester One during Proof Living Warehouse Sale in Singapore. I fell in love with the class it exudes.

The strong red colour scheme gels the classic Chester One with the contemporary pieces.

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