Polo ~ Soft Enclave

I had learnt about Piero Lissoni’s designs about half a year back when I read about him in a local magazine. Initially, I did not really take a notice as the magazine feature is more of an interview than talking about his designs. Thereafter, I came across some really nice contemporary designs such as Moov Sofa for Cassina, Como Dining Armchair for Porro, Ile Sofa for Living Divani and Aviolux Wall System for Capellini. As I browse through the items on sale in this year’s Proof Living Warehouse Sale a couple of months ago, I noticed a thickly cushioned Armchair that looks really inviting and comfortable. I took a sit in it and I sank into deep comfort. I took a read at the tag and realised that this is the Polo Armchair from Poltrona Frau.

Poltrona Frau Polo – at Proof Living Warehouse Sale 2012.

Since my first interaction with this chair is its seating comfort, I shall try my best to describe how comfortable it is. Well, you really have to sit in it to enjoy it. If you look at the pictures, you will find that the armchair is mainly made up of 4 pieces of thickly padded cushions, 2 for the armrests, a seat cushion and a back cushion. These cushions are held by exoskeleton boards to hold its shape. Just imagine, you will be fully surrounded by cushions when you sit in it. Couple that with the really soft seat and back cushions, you will basically “sink” into the entire seat. This is especially comfortable for the armchair where you will be fully supported by the soft and supple leather cushions all round, including the armrests. So, you will feel the softness of the creamy smooth leather upholstery left, right, behind and below. 🙂

Poltrona Frau Polo Armchair (Pictures from Poltrona Frau Website)

It is also available as a Sectional Sofa.

The 2 and 3 Seater Lounge Sofas look inviting too.

The Poltrona Frau Polo Collection was designed by Piero Lissoni back in 2009 and consist of a series of Lounge and Sectional Sofas, Armchairs and Ottomans. Moving to the construct of the series, the support structure is of seasoned hardwood with the seat suspended by elastic straps. Paddings are in polyurethane foam for the support and stabilization while filled with goose down for that magical softness that almost puts me to sleep in comfort. Reading the description from Poltrona Frau, Polo does its job well as the design conveys what it is meant for without trouble. Have a look at the description from Poltrona Frau Website below and see how it fits into the visual and experience of the seat that I had described. Well, I swear that I wrote my experiences before reading what was published at the Poltrona Frau Website. 🙂

“Tradition can be glimpsed beneath this contemporary style which envelops and pampers you in your own private space. The harmonious proportions form a softly convex design with different volumes. The large, soft cushions are enclosed in the linear protection of the main structure covered with Color System range or Heritage leather.”

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