Nelson Platform Bench ~ Multi-Purpose Slats

George Nelson was one of the Modern Masters and his association with Herman Miller was notable and had also helped Herman Miller secure production of the famous range of the Eames’ series of designs. George Nelson was the Director of Design at Herman Miller and like Charles & Ray Eames, he had also licensed Vitra to produce some of his most famous pieces. Today’s feature is on his Modern platform bench, the Nelson Bench produced by Herman Miller and Vitra.

Herman Miller’s Nelson Platform Bench

Vitra’s variant of the Nelson Bench. Are you ale to tell the difference besides the length? 🙂

Produced since 1946, the clean and minimalist bench marks George Nelson’s “honest design making an honest visual statement about an object’s purpose” philosophy. It is plain and simple, visually and reflects perfectly its function: to carry your load as a bench and to support the weight of anything else when it doubles as a low table or bed-end table. To meet this functional requirements, the Nelson Bench is made of solid maple slats, spaced evenly apart to allow air and light to pass through. Hence, making it a light, airy, simple and functional piece, or “honest” in George Nelson’s words. The solid maple slats are then sealed with a clear-coat finish. The legs of the Nelson Platform Bench are ebonized and finger-jointed for the strength needed for it multiple purposes.

The many uses of the Nelson Platform Bench.

Today, Herman Miller produced the Nelson Bench in 3 different sizes while Vitra produces it in 2 sizes. The functions of the Nelson Bench are incredibly versatile. On its own, it can be a simple bench for sitting or placing any miscellaneous items, a bed-end table for your bedroom stuff, a platform for displaying your plants, objects or table clocks, a low table for your magazines or fruits and you could even combine 2 of them to make a square coffee table!

This is what I really want to use it for, as a bed-end table (Picture from blog)

Japanese Inspiration for use of Nelson Bench as a bed-end table/bench (Picture from Home Design Corp)

Function and form, the Nelson Bench has it both. I would very much love to have one as a bed-end table as it fits perfectly to my colour palette and material scheme for my plans.

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