Gothic Chair ~ Shrek Attack!

If you think that the chair that you are looking at is reminiscence of a chair right out of the animation Shrek, you are not alone. Well, that is, at least, my impression. This is helped by the bright and cheerful array of colours that seem to appeal a lot to kids. So, what appeal does this chair, designed by Studio Job for Groninger Museum and manufactured by Moooi in 2010, has for the grown-ups? For starters, the Gothic Chair’s inspiration came from none other than a dark and cool solid wood Neo-Gothic Chair.

Moooi = Artsy Fun. (Pictures from Design Boom Website)

The interesting thing about the Gothic Chair is that rather than exuding a dark and mysterious aura as typical of a Gothic Chair, Studio Job’s creation was quite the opposite. Its as if Studio Job took the Gothic Chair and splash it with a variety of bright and modern colours and thumb it up with buttons to create a playful and fun chair. This chair is exceptionally cool for contemporary art inspired home decors which are filled with contrasting colours and visual anchors.

Chapel at Groninger Museum. (Pictures from Design Boom Website)

Groninger Museum’s Moooi Cafe filled with the Gothic Chair. It doesn’t look that playful here. The black instantly transformed the chair into something more serious. (Pictures from Design Boom Website)

Despite its playful nature, the Moooi Gothic Chair is surprisingly proper when placed in the right settings and of course, with the right colour chosen for the chair. The chair is heavy and solid with its rotational moulded polyethylene material. This adds to the proper feel rather than a light and kiddish “toy chair” impression that you may be having. I would think that the Moooi Gothic Chair works well in an Eclectic setup which has a modern language as a common denominator to bind it with the rest of the contemporary pieces in your collection. It does not look overly classic and out of place when you put it alongside say, a Vitra Tip Ton Chair or Panton Chair.Art and Fun, that’s what Moooi’s Design Language is all about.

Informal Dining Room in Studio Job House.

Majority of the nice pictures above are from Design Boom Website. Enjoy!

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