Wood Base Stool ~ Tall Ribbons

Recently, while searching for my future home, I came across a floor plan that would allow me to have a Dry Kitchen layout complete with a Wet Kitchen for the Asian cooking that my family would usually indulge in. Having a Dry Kitchen would also mean opening up the possibility of having a Kitchen Island cum Bar Counter Top. This also means that I would potentially need Bar Stools. Hurray for a Chair Lover! Now I got excuse to look for more chairs, or stools to be exact. Initially, I was planning for the classic Bertoia Wirestool which looks lightweight and fresh. To top it off, it’s a Modern Classic which I find difficult to give a miss. Then reality hits me that chrome based Bertoia Wirestool just doesn’t fit into my wood based theme and design that I am planning out. My idea was to search for a Modern Classic design to add more Eclecticism to my mainly Contemporary theme.

Cherner Wood Base Stools – It strikes me like finding a Missing Jigsaw

Then, a familiar shape strikes me. Enter the Cherner Molded Plywood Stools complete with wood base. It fits into my whole plan like a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle. Designed in 1958 by Norman Cherner, these re-issued pieces from Cherner Chairs conforms to the exact details of the original drawings and molds from Norman Cherner’s time. What attracted me is the Cherner Stool’s classic Modernist design in the form of molded plywood, very much like the Eames Molded Plywood Chairs. The Wood Bbase Cherner Stools is available in a variety of 9 wood finishing. Allow me to run through the entire range with you: Classic Walnut, Natural Beech, Ebony Lacquer, Stella Orange, Classi Walnut with Ebony Lacquer Legs, Natural Walnut, White Lacquer, Classic Ebony (Ebonized Walnut) and Red Gum Seat with Natural Beech Legs. The Cherner Stools also comes with Metal Legs and Armrest options.

Metal Leg Cherners look a little more on the industrial side for me.

Red Gum finishing is unique.

The colours and finishing chart.

Good read on the Cherner finishings available.

In my opinion, I prefer the Wood Base Stools which are warmer, less industrial and more sleek. The chair and lounge chair versions comes with ribbon like armrest options are classic Cherner, but are a little too wide and adds too much complexity to the otherwise sleek and smooth design lines. The chrome base are suitable for industrial theme lovers, but not a lover of warm and cozy houses like me. The plywood fits in especially well with Modern Classics such as Herman Miller/Vitra Eames Plywood Chairs and Vitra Butterfly Stools as if they are from the same series. Well, since both the Herman Miller/Vitra Eames Lounge Chair Wood and the Vitra Butterfly Stools are part of my plans, I can safely add the Cherner Wood Base Stools into my Wish List for furnishing shopping when I finally find my next adobe.

Don’t the wood base resemble sexy high heels?

Various case studies of the Cherner Wood Base Stools.

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