Loto ~ Oriental Flavours

Last week, I got a surprised when my wife commented that the Side Tables that I had planned to get was not suitable as a complement for the balcony area. She asked me to refer back to a picture which I had shown her a couple of days back. She told me that I should […]

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Beautifully Minimalist

While searching for ideas of Minimalism on the Internet, I came across this website Home-Designing.com. On the page that next grazed my eyes was a wonderful Open-Plan Home that was stunning. The Interior Designer Fertility Design, appears to be a Taiwanese firm based on the address of its website. The clean geometry of the designs, […]

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Stairway to Privacy – Part I

Well, the term “Stairway to Heaven” had been used too often to describe stairs in homes. I decided to coin a slightly different term. Why “Stairway to Privacy”? A distinct lack of privacy is something that one will not experience when living in big houses in land abundant countries. However, in land scarce Singapore, even […]

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Red Hot Market or Red Hot Bubble?

After some pondering, wandering and looking out at the Singapore property market, it is really difficult to decide whether buying a public housing or private property will be a better choice. The market is so hot that it is beyond what sane investors would call sustainable. Of course, I am hoping that the still expanding […]

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Jiff ~ Tri-Star Table

This has been my favourite Occasional/Side Table for ages and it is still, now. The Flexform Jiff Occasional Table comes in 3 heights to meet all your uses for an occasional table. Why is this a favourite of mine? Well, first, it has a unique design of legs, second, it meats my criteria that all […]

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Silencio ~ Silence your Dilemma

Yesterday, Sancal was brought to my attention by one of my readers of my blog. Thanks a lot for that. 🙂 I’m glad that I was reminded of the beautiful designs held in Sancal’s portfolio of diverse furniture by an international array of talented Designers/Studios. How could I have not featured anything on Sancal yet! […]

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