Silencio ~ Silence your Dilemma

Yesterday, Sancal was brought to my attention by one of my readers of my blog. Thanks a lot for that. 🙂 I’m glad that I was reminded of the beautiful designs held in Sancal’s portfolio of diverse furniture by an international array of talented Designers/Studios. How could I have not featured anything on Sancal yet! Well, it’s better late than never! To start off my series of posts on Sancal, I will begin with a particular type of chair that I had always loved, the armchair. This post will be about the Sancal Silencio Armchair. Well, it may sound like a vacuum cleaner type of product that operates with nearly no noise, the Silencio is one that is more likely to “silence” the “fight” going on in consumers’ mind whether to purchase an armchair, a chaise or a pouf.

Sancal Silencio – Its not a vacuum cleaner. Its a luxurious piece of furniture.

What you can do with configuring the Sancal Silencio.

Designed by Ricard Ferrer in 2002, Silencio is indeed an “unusual, one-of-a-kind piece” as described by Sancal. Sancal declares Silencio as nether “an armchair nor a divan”. To me, it is a transformer, it is every seating solution you can think of in a Living Room except the Sofa. Sancal’s Silencio consist of 2 pieces, an armchair and a pouf, if you want to define them separately. That is 2 functions for you. Now, put them together, you get a divan like furniture if you look at it from the side. Look at how you will normally sit in it and it becomes a small Chaise Lounge. If you split the 2 pieces slightly apart, you get a lounge chair with ottoman. Now, that’s versatility for you!

Available in Steel Swivel Base too.

Doesn’t it look just like its counterparts from B&B Italia, Maxalto and Giorgetti?

I just want to relax in it!

Diving into its design, the Silencio looks akin to beautiful and elegant armchairs like Giorgetti Normal, the Maxalto Kalos or even the B&B Italia Jean. The solid beech wood legs augments its elegance and warmth as opposed to chrome or steel legs of B&B Italia Jean which brings more contemporary and industrial finishings to the room the armchair sits in. It just feels like a good place to fall asleep in while listening to soothing jazz type music. As I am writing this post, I am listening to Olivia Ong’s album “Best of Olivia”. The music brings me perfectly into the mood that I envisage listening to while sitting in Silencio. Now I’m tempted to find time to make a trip down to Dream Interiors in Singapore to try it out!

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