Beautifully Minimalist

While searching for ideas of Minimalism on the Internet, I came across this website On the page that next grazed my eyes was a wonderful Open-Plan Home that was stunning. The Interior Designer Fertility Design, appears to be a Taiwanese firm based on the address of its website. The clean geometry of the designs, the minimal visual clutters, the white canvas backdrop and its few colour palette all shouts a common language – Minimalism. As I run through each of the pictures presented on the webpage, I was wishing that this are the final pictures of my dream abode. An open-concept kitchen and study opens up the distance and emptiness of the house. This was no big apartment, but the knocking down of the walls helped pulled across the visual expansiveness of this small apartment, hence augmenting the Minimalist effects to such a beautiful extend. The beauty was complemented with excellence through tasteful selections of mid-century furnishing by Masters Charles & Ray Eames and Hans J. Wegner. While the Masters of Modern Classics anchor your attention, retro-themed Tom Dixon Beat Lamps did the job of lighting up the dining areas and fit into the design lines with perfection. Strategic placement of these classic pieces anchors the eyes to help define the areas in this open-space plan.

Ok, enough of the words, its time to let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy this wonderful treat from

To round off this post, the last picture shows how to create a wonderful walk-in-wardrobe within the constraints of minimal space. Hope you enjoyed the pictures like I did!


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