Stairway to Privacy – Part II

Moving on to the topic of staircases within an apartment, now I need to have some inspirations of what to do for the staircase design. Pardon me if I sounded like I had already bought a Maisonette (it is still in the stage of dreaming at this juncture), I just love planning ahead due to my passion in home improvement, interior design and furniture. 🙂 Here are some of the great ideas that I came across in Houzz, one of the great websites for home ideas. I know that it will be an expensive affair to create such wonderful staircases, but its always free to dream. Well, what is in life if there are no dreams or hopes?

The transparency of a glass railing always look good in making the staircase look light and floaty. Couple it with warmth of wooden steps, it makes a desirable partnership.

The wooden slats are great in creating a peek-a-boo effect for this staircase wall.

There is always room to built shelving under the staircase to display your sculptures and art. This is one good example. Behind these built-in shelving, you can even retain a small storage room underneath the steps.

Stone feature walls and a built-in fountain brings a sense of calm and relaxation to the Living Room. The “fish bone” stairs design brings lightness too.

This is a very simple and effective design. It adds a touch of class to the stairs.

For some reasons unknown even to myself, these simple steps with steel wire side walls of the railings reminds me of coastal homes. Maybe I had seen it somewhere on the magazines. Having a pendant light hanging by the stairs is a great idea too.

The white-washed brick walls and wooden “fish bone” steps are great for mid-century themed homes.

Full concrete walls for staircases can be appealing too. Throw in light maple flooring and you got a very Zen theme. I just love that Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke lamp hanging up there!

I like this staircase for it’s classic design and its light maple colours. It is a very calming place to be at after work.

All the above pictures are from Houzz and that gave me a lot of ideas on what possibilities there will be if I get a Maisonette. It’s a really exciting thought. But despite all these excitement, there is still a chance of us not getting a Maisonette due to the recent announcement from the government that the HDB will no longer be building Maisonettes anymore. This means that HDB Maisonettes are becoming a “Limited Edition” public housing. Of course, the flip side of the coin is that the chances of en-bloc will be minimal. We will have to see how the policies will be layed out moving forward.

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