Space Year End Sale 2012 Visit

I paid Space Asia Hub a visit yesterday to take a look at what’s on offer and plan for anything that I could potentially get, even before the purchase of my next home. For those who think that Space’s GSS, Year End Sale each year are more or less the same, you could be pretty much misinformed. Each sale is marginally different with different bargains to hunt for. For example, I got my Kartell Masters Chair for a good 35% off during Space’s Private Sale earlier this year, which I thought was already great value. That was not so when I saw that the Masters Chair is now going for a special price 40% off! There are quite a few bargain pieces which I felt so tempted to get. The Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair RAR Rocking Chair had its price reduced by a further SGD$95 from its GSS Price this June. So was the Vitra Eames Lounge Chair Wood where the price was dropped around SGD$100 compared to the GSS this June.

My wife used to like the Louis Poulsen Panthella by Verner Panton. My preference lies elsewhere. Thank goodness, she is now aligned with me. πŸ™‚

The Louis Poulsen Panthella Table Lamp above is also going for a special price that is lower than when I saw it a couple of months back during Space’s Danish Brands Sale. Along the way, I found several pieces of interest which I shall share for this Year End Sales. You got to grab it fast as I already saw quite a lot of these pieces being labelled as sold!

First up is the B&B Italia Lazy High Back Chair. I took the inspiration off a picture of an Entrance Foyer where a Tall Cassina Hill House 1 Chair is placed beside a console table (You can view it in my post here for the pictures). A Cassina Hill House 1 Chair would be out of my reach and the second best to achieve the tall back chair effect will be Patricia Urquiola’s Lazy Chair. Although it does not come cheap, but it is a B&B Italia and it is easily at half the price of a Hill House Chair!

B&B Italia Lazy High Back Chair by Patricia Urquiola great for my Entrance Foyer, but I need to convince my other half about it.

Moving on to the Living Room area, my wife saw this B&B Italia setup below and liked the neutral tones of the B&B Italia Pab Wall System and hanging shelves. Well, I would prefer a simpler wood finished bottom console without the shelves for the Minimalist theme.

B&B Italia Pab Wall System by Studio Kairos.

Staying at the Living Room space, I came across some nice side tables from B&B Italia and Maxalto, all of which costs about the same after discount. They are pricey, but lovely. I may get one of these for my private lounge area which I am planning to setup for my next home. Sorry, but I prefer to keep these “good stuff” for my family and my own use. πŸ™‚

The B&B Italia Frank Side Table by Antonio Citterio. He has a similar piece called Elios in his Maxalto Collection which I did not take photos of. A more unique design in the same price range is the B&B Italia Luis Stool which is the one I liked the most.

I was considering taking coffee table out of my Living Room Design to create a more open space and to enhance the minimalist theme. But when I saw the Maxalto Loto, I was really tempted by its fine finishing and lush wooden frame. Alternatively, I could have the Loto Side Table in my future private lounge instead of getting the Coffee Table. πŸ™‚

Maxalto Loto by Antonio Citterio. Fine light brushed oak finishing is what attracted me and steered me away from the B&B Italia Frank/Luis/Maxalto Elios.

Moving on to the Dining Room area, I was looking for the Vitra Softshell chair to check out the pricing, but could not find it on display. The Space showroom was pretty packed when I was there and since I was on my first prowl to check out what I could get, I did not query for the pricing. Although I was tempted by the B&B Italia El chair for my dining chair, I find it beyond my budget as it will easily cost at least twice as much as the Vitra Softshell chair which I was planning to get. I love the dark oak version which was actually cheaper than the light brushed oak version in the snapshot below.

B&B Italia El Chair by Antonio Citterio in Light Brushed Oak. Perfect for Minimalism.

As I proceed up the different levels in Space Asia Hub, I came across this armchair from Poliform that offers better value than the B&B Italia piece. The Flip Armchair by Carlo Colombo offers more comfort, but is upholstered in a black-brown fabric that is not exactly to my liking. I would prefer an off-white upholstery.

Poliform Flip Armchair by Carlo Colombo offers better value and comfort over B&B Italia’s El Chair which is Minimalist and luxurious with its leather upholstery.

I took a look at the Suspension Lighting options as well. It ranges from unreachable territories to more affordable ones that are still pretty costly. The unreachable ones are without doubt the classic Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Lamp. The real McCoy offers perfect glare-free light and is absolutely beautiful in metal.

The beautifully crafted PH Articoke Lamp from Louis Poulsen designed by Poul Henningsen. It is a pure classic piece.

With the Artichoke Lamp being out of my reach unless I strike lottery, I turn to look at the more reachable PH50 and Enigma Suspension Lamps, both from Louis Poulsen as well. The PH50 is a classic mid-century lamp that works perfectly with a round table such as a Knoll Saarinen Tulip. But I am planning on getting a long rectangular table where I see a need for twin suspension lamps for a more balanced layout and the PH50 may not work that well for me (although PH50s are displayed in a row at Space).

Classic Louis Poulsen PH50 Suspension Lamp by Poul Henningsen, great on solitaire above a round table. But I would prefer the twin Enigma for long rectangular tables.

In Space Asia hub, two Louis Poulsen Enigma 545 lamps hanging over the Poliform show area made me fall in love them. The Enigma 545 are what you would expect out of Japanese Minimalism. Designed by Shoichi Uchiyama, it is about 50% more expensive than the PH50. So, it is a huge consideration for me whether I should compromise with the more affordable PH50s or go all the way out with the Enigma 545s. I guess, I can take my time to ponder over this. πŸ™‚

Twin Enigma 545s by Shoichi Uchiyama offer balance amidst Minimalist Design.

As we walked on, we came across a row of Bar Stools from Poliform, which caught my wife’s eye instantly. It matches so well with the Poliform Varenna Kitchen that it falls into my wishlist instantly. Well, as with most Singapore renovations, the Kitchens are largely customized and a granted the small apartment size in Singapore, it would not be possible for me to get a Poliform Varenna Kitchen (beyond size and budget). But I would love to see two or three Poliform ICS Stools in my home in the near future.

Poliform ICS Stools by Rodrigo Torres are now in my wishlist (thanks to my wife?)

An alternative to the pricey Poliform ICS Stools is a Modern Classic from Frtiz Hansen. The Series 7 Bar Stools would fit in well with my design ideas and is SGD$300 cheaper per piece compared to the Poliform ICS Stool. It’s a pity that my wife doesn’t like the Series 7. 😦

Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 Bar Stool looks great for me, but not for my wife.

Moving on to the bedrooms where I am more willing to splurge, I fell for 2 table lamps. Well, I got to choose one. I love the Flos Snoopy Table Lamp for it’s marble base which is simply classy. The classic looking Louis Poulsen PH4/3 is great too. Can somebody help me make a choice? πŸ™‚

Flos Snoopy Table Lamp by Achille Castiglioni exudes class.

Louis Poulsen PH4/3 is a classic piece. Please help me make a choice! πŸ™‚

For the floor lamp that shall shine over my shoulders while seated in my armchair in my Master Bedroom, it will be none other than the Louis Poulsen AJ Floor Lamp by Arne Jacobsen. This, I have no issues with choice. I did not manage to snap a pic of the floor lamp, but here is the table lamp pic for your reference (for those who had not seen it before, the floor lamp is simply a taller version).

Louis Poulsen AJ Floor Lamp is my undisputed choice. Here is the table lamp for illustration of its simple, yet wonderful design.

I am already planning to get a Vitra Eames Elephant and Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair RAR for my kid’s room. Going forth with an animal theme for the kid’s room, I had presented the Moooi Rabbit Table Lamp to my wife when we came across it yesterday. It’s on a good 47% discount and is within my reach. This is one piece I will probably get.

The Moooi Rabbit Lamp by Front is not well represented here with less than perfect lamp shade on display. But I like it.

Staying with bedrooms, I will need a chair for the dressing table/study table incorporated into my Master Bedroom. Well, I had set my eyes on the B&B Italia Papilio chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa. It is the most affordable B&B Italia chair (which I do admit that I want one for the simple reason that I just want a B&B Italia chair!) and it is also one of the most comfortable I had sat in. The wing back of the chair wraps around to support the back nicely and it flexes just enough to provide a really good sitting position while maintaining the support. I simply love Naoto Fukasawa’s ingenuity and minimalist statement!

B&B Italia Papilio Chair by Naoto Fukasawa – practicality and minimalism all in one.

The final stop rolls me a little back to the public spaces of design – the Balcony. I already had a good idea of what I wanted to have in a balcony, especially a loft type lounge area that I can create out of a 2nd Generation HDB Maisonette’s Balcony. What I want are 2 Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chairs and 2 Vitra Eames Lounge Chair Wood, all finished in black and circling a couple of small sides tables such as Flexform Jiff. It should play out similar to the Shell Chair arrangements at Space in the photo below. After my last stop, I went back home, happy with what I see and knowledge of what I need to pay to get to the home I would love. πŸ™‚

Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chairs for my Loft Lounge.

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