Loto ~ Oriental Flavours

Last week, I got a surprised when my wife commented that the Side Tables that I had planned to get was not suitable as a complement for the balcony area. She asked me to refer back to a picture which I had shown her a couple of days back. She told me that I should get this low table as the curved legs are more chunky and will match the Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair that I intend to get for the balcony. The surprise is that my wife, who wasn’t really interested in furniture, actually remembered that we saw this very same low table (in a different finishing) at Space Asia Hub when we visited it 2 weeks back. The low table she was referring to is the Maxalto Loto.

The Maxalto Loto Tables that I saw in Space Asia Hub.

The Picture of Inspiration that my Wife got her idea from.

The Maxalto Loto is a series of Low Table, Side Table and Stool shaped with a round top and visually lightened with the curved solid oak edge, much like a “Cage” in my opinion. There are a variety of finishing available namely Brushed Light Oak, Black Oak, Grey Oak, Brown Oak and Santos Rosewood which I would expect to be pricier. There is also a hint of oriental design when I first set my eyes on this collection of complements. Just take a look at the picture below and you will get it. It is another interesting design from the Master of Anti-Design, Antonio Citterio back in 2006 and I simply love its understated looks.

Don’t you think that the Maxalto Loto’s inspiration comes from the Chinese Stools?

Just take a look between the 2 pictures.

Honestly, I can bet that if you furnish your home with the lovely pieces from B&B Italia and Maxalto by Antonio Citterio, your unsuspecting guests whom are not into furniture designs, would probably get a shock if you told them the price. But if they take a closer look at the craftsmanship and how the subtle flavours of each of his designs brings out the beauty of simplicity, they would be able to appreciate it. This understatement is what I like about Antonio Citterio’s designs. Throw in a couple of Modern Classics that screams for attention and you will get a perfect home design that is both attractive, but not over-the-top.

The Loto works well in the Living Room.

B&B Italia’s webpage shows us how the Loto can be used at your home.

Well, back to the topic of my wife’s choice of the Maxalto Loto for our balcony. After putting them in a mood board, I thought that a black framed Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair would match perfectly with a Black Oak Maxalto Loto (which is slightly cheaper compared to the Light Brushed Oak finishing). Add a couple of black Moooi Random Pendant Lamps and you got a cosy and classy lounge in the balcony. Have a look at my resultant mood board and see if it looks good. 🙂

My Mood Board to look at the idea of pairing the Maxalto Loto with Carl Hansen Shell Chairs and Moooi Random Lamps. How does it look? 🙂


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