Archibald (King) ~ A Royal Invitation

Having missed the 100th Anniversary Celebration Event due to work, I decided to pop by the Poltrona Frau Store in Singapore and they were having a 35% off on all Existing Stocks. Besides the Ginger and the more affordable Ginger Ale chairs (unfortunately, the Ginger Ale was not going for the 35% discount as stocks had not arrived in Singapore yet), an armchair caught my attention. It is a design by one of my favourite designers, Jean-Marie Massaud, the Archibald. The Archibald was designed back in 2009 and this year, a new member was added to the family – the Archibald King Armchair.

The original Archibald Family includes an armchair and the option of a small head rests. Need a bigger one? Go for the King.

The Archibald is an interesting armchair. It looked as if it had been dressed with traditional Arabic costume with its curvy frame and hooks at the end of the arm rests. The entire back rest and the arm rests are being sculpted by a series of unique folds created by the free-play folding of the leather upholstery as the Artisans at Poltrona Frau painstakingly stitched them together by hand. The stitch itself is a feature with contrasting colours selected for added refinement and elegance.

2012’s new addition to the Archibald Family – The Poltrona Frau Archibald King – Another Chair fit for a King, albeit, more for an Arabian King (Pictures from Poltrona Frau Website)

In 2012, Jean-Marie Massaud added the Archibald King, which was characterized by a large head rest, to the family. The simple addition of the large, classic wing chair like head rests that integrates into the elegant armchair, adds an air of majesty to the armchair (hence, the name, “King”), making it further inviting and appealing to relax in it the soft armchair. Following the free-flowing undulations of the leather on the back rest, the head rest takes on the same design language. Perfect for the Living Room or a private relaxation in your Study.

The Archibald is comfortable in both the Living Room and Private Study (Pictures from Poltrona Frau Website)

Sink yourself into the Archibald or the Archibald King and you will be welcomed by the integral embracing back rest and armrests. The seat is soft without sacrificing too much support and feels slightly springy probably due to its elastic belts that were wrapped around the steel seat frames. For the luxurious and majestic comfort, polyurethane foam padding that were molded, expanded and shaped with polyester wadding, were added to zones requiring high levels of comfort. The base of the armchair is made of cast aluminium and tubular steel frame finished in gunmetal grey.

The Archibald Armchair is simply soft to look at and inviting. (Pictures from Poltrona Frau Website)

Upholstery options are Heritage or Soul Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System, with corresponding contrasting stitching along the handmade seams. When you look at the material and hours poured in by skilled Artisans at Poltrona Frau to make one Archibald King Armchair, you may suddenly find it justifiable for the price tag. In total, 11 square meters of Heritage or Pelle Frau® leather will be used to wrap the Archibald King’s body. 200m of thread will be used to put the armchair together. 40m of stitching are done on the seams. 3kg of birch plywood and 9kg of iron are used to construct the frame of the armchair. Last but not least, 2kg of aluminum will be used to build the base of the armchair worthy of an Arabian King. To put all this together, the Artisan needs 8 hours of skilled time.

Despite being Majestic and Invitingly Soft, the Archibald still looks great in a Minimalist Environment.

Throw in an ottoman and you will have one of the most relaxing armchairs around.


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