Progetti ~ Antique Inspirations

Giorgetti, a name synonymous with rich history, class and quality was founded in 1898. Their masterfully crafted timber furniture were characterized by renowned International Designers such as Chi Wing Lo and Massimo Scolari. With such a rich history of furniture making behind it, it is no wonder that Giorgetti could take inspiration from the old […]

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Minimalist ~ White Christmas

It’s the time of the year! It’s Christmas! This is a shopping season and everybody is in the mood to spend. Well, I did my fair share of contribution to the economy by spending a little on home accessories and a table lamp. 🙂 Christmas and home usually means decorating your home in the full […]

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Gilt & Folly ~ The Accessories

Excitement and boredom don’t mix. But sometimes, they work together to drive things. For example, my boredom when studying for me coming certifications exams worked in tandem with my excitement to complete my chronicles of my visit last Friday to Gilt & Folly drove me to writing the second part of my blog post. After […]

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S-Chair ~ Slim and Curvy

Sculptural pieces of furnishing. This had been missing from my posts for quite some time. Today’s focus shall be on the S-Chair by Tom Dixon for Cappellini. Tom Dixon designed the S-Chair back in 1991/1992. It is not difficult to see why the talented, self-taught designer shot to fame with the S-Chair when Cappellini puts […]

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Space Christmas Sale 2012

I will usually post Sale articles in my Sale Sale Sale Section. However, this time, it is a little different. I had gotten quite a lot of pictures from Space’s Facebook page and would like to share the details with you. I will most definitely be going to pick up some small stuff. Enjoy! Kartell […]

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