Mantò ~ New Pleats on Old

The Poltrona Frau Haute Couture Sofa. This is what Poltrona Frau calls Mantò, their latest Sofa creation in 2012 from the Poltrona Frau R&D Team. Sticking to traditional Chesterfield sofas, the Poltrona Frau R&D Team is very much like the designers of the iconic Porsche 911 series of Sports Cars. Why did I liken the two? Well, it is evident that the new Mantò sofa still spots the silhouette of the iconic old Chester One designed in 1912. The same can be said of the Porsche 911 which still carries the same design language of the first 911.

Poltrona Frau Manto 3Poltrona Frau Manto 4See the hand-crafted pleats? Simply classy and elegant.

Diving into its design, the Mantò’s exterior had been designed like a cape to be completely removable. The rear of this cape carries the design trait that had been seen in Poltrona Frau’s recent productions. They are a series of tailored, hand-made pleats that had been skilfully executed by trained Artisans to create an individuality in each of the unique piece. These natural wavy patterns can be seen on several pieces in Poltrona Frau’s Catalogue and was used to create vastly difference effects. You see them in Poltrona Frau’s Centenary Armchair, the Juliet as well as the Archibald series. These natural waves creates an elegant and refined look amounting to luxury. It is also this design trait that had set the Mantò apart from its Chester One cousin that had similar rounded back and arm rests that had been the mainstay of the brand’s historic elements. The design of this removable cape takes a traditional page from Poltrona Frau’s long history and add a contemporary touch to spin-off an entirely new feel.

Poltrona Frau Manto 2The cape comes in either leather or fabric as shown.

Poltrona Frau Manto 6The blue seem to emphasize the Mantò’s softness.

The Mantò’s structure is made of plywood, poplar and birch. Solid poplar and beech wood with polyurethane foam padding with polyester wadding completes the frame. Elastic belts had been used as the seat’s springs as with most of Poltrona Frau’s sofas. The Mantò’s legs are in solid ash in smoked or wengé dyed shades. Upholstery is available in the usual quality Pelle Frau® leather from the Colour System, Heritage or Soul leather.

Poltrona Frau Manto 7Poltrona Frau Manto 5Elegance in a Living Room (All pictures from Poltrona Frau Website)

Poltrona Frau Manto 1

This is my favourite. The Elegant and Classical Chaise Lounge.

The Mantò is one of the beautiful pieces which I had seen in Poltrona Frau’s Singapore Store when I paid them a visit a couple of weeks back and it looked totally classy and luxurious. If I am able to afford it, I will most definitely get it. I love the chaise for that matter of fact. 🙂


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