S-Chair ~ Slim and Curvy

Sculptural pieces of furnishing. This had been missing from my posts for quite some time. Today’s focus shall be on the S-Chair by Tom Dixon for Cappellini. Tom Dixon designed the S-Chair back in 1991/1992. It is not difficult to see why the talented, self-taught designer shot to fame with the S-Chair when Cappellini puts the sculptural design into production. I love Tom Dixon’s works of sculptures such as the Pylon Chair and Bird. They work well as a functional as well as a display piece.

Cappellini S-Chair 1The side of the S-Chair looks curvy while the front angle shows off the slim profile.

The S-Chair was, what else, shaped in the letter “S”. It is similar in profile to the infamous mid-century icon Panton Chair and the System 1-2-3 chair by Verner Panton. This time, the “S” letter was interpreted in a whole new material and profile. Put the Panton Chair beside the S-Chair and you would have instantly noticed the much slimmer and elegant profile of the S-Chair. The slim back rest and the tapered ends towards the ring legged S-Chair helped a lot in the slimming treatment. Looking a the S-Chair from the direct front angle puts the image of an hour-glass figure in front of you.

58_cappelliniCappellini S-Chair 2

Cappellini S-Chair 3

The S-Chair is also available in a wide range of upholstery.

The S-Chair is not all form and no function. The reason for the “fat bottom” when you look at the chair from the front angle is due to the larger seat area of the chair. This accommodates your seating comfortably. With a narrower back rest, it takes away visual bulk without really taking away too much comfort given that it is still wide enough to support your back.

Cappellini S-Chair 4The sculptural chair can stand alone as a visual anchor.

Cappellini S-Chair 8

Cappellini S-Chair 7It can also be part of a dining setup (Pictures from Unica Home).

The structure of the S-Chair is made from dark lacquered metal frame covered in a variety of upholstery options. It could come in a rustic, woven marsh straw or wicker, or with a fixed cover in Feltro, Panno, Trapez, Optik and Small Dot fabrics, or it could be wrapped with supple leather, extra and super leathers as well as white/black spotted leather if you have a thing for the natural patterns of the certain animals.

Cappellini S-Chair 5

The silhouette of the S-Chair is a great example of a functional piece of art.

I did saw this chair in Proof Living’s Warehouse Sale when I visited it a couple of months back. It was striking, but the woven marsh straw version just wasn’t inline with my Minimalist Theme. But it should go down well as an excellent Eclectic mix at the dining table. Maybe, I will wait for the fabric wrapped S-Chair to appear in the next Warehouse Sale. 🙂

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