Gilt & Folly ~ DwellStudio for Precedent

Last Friday, I went to Gilt and Folly and was introduced to the launch of their latest Collection by DwellStudio for Precedent. For many, DwellStudio or Precedent may not ring a bell as loud as Contemporary Italian giants such as B&B Italia, Flexform and Cappellini or famed producers of Modern Classic pieces such as Cassina, Carl Hansen and Knoll. This is not surprising as they had just launched their first foray into the Singapore market. But the American brands need no introduction to celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow and Liv Tyler whom are fans. Knowing the story or inspiration behind a piece of art or a piece of design often helps in appreciating the work.

Gilt and Folly

DwellStudio Logo

DwellStudio started off in 1999 by Christiane Lemieux as a line of bedding collections focusing on the world of graphic designs that creates elegant, yet modern prints and patterns for sumptuous coloured fabrics. DwellStudio had since grown into a full range of furniture, bedding, decor and accessories product line. Christiane Lemieux’s success was not exactly by chance. I would say that she had utilized her knowledge from her art and design backgrounds in colleges as well as experiences in fashion design and luxury home goods design to give her the competitive advantage to create the patterns that the market was looking for. That kind of explains how Christiane Lemieux’s standing as one of 2012 Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs. Having established a name for herself, she now moved DwellStudio into the next level with their partnership with furniture maker Precedent to create this new line of furniture. The DwellStudio for Precedent furniture collection is one unique line. I can see hints of American style, Classic European style, Mid-Century accents, Art Deco blings and even Minimalist lines which are not what you would expect after reading the first few design language. Put all these design cues into an Eclectic mixer and blend it to perfection, and there you have it, the unique taste that seem to balance out each design cue in a single piece of furniture.

Christiane Lemieux

One of 2012 Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs – Christiane Lemieux

Well, I have to admit that I had done a little read-up before I stepped into Gilt & Folly. This is what I typically do before stepping into any store to buy or look at anything of interest. This is just like going to an Art Gallery. A painting speaks a thousand words, but knowing the story behind adds depth into these thousand words. With that, I found a couple of favourites in my short visit to Gilt & Folly. Here it goes…

The first piece that caught my attention is the Manor Sofa. Well, I can’t help it since it is smacked right at the entrance to Gilt & Folly, greeting me as I enter the warm and cozy showroom. As a matter of fact, the Gilt & Folly Showroom hardly looked like a showroom. It resembles more of a cozy home that show cases beautiful accessories and display art pieces than a retail shop. Oops, sorry, back to the DwellStudio Manor Sofa. 🙂 The sofa’s inspiration clearly came from a Wingback Armchair of a traditional English home. Just imagine Extending a Wingback Armchair to seat 3 in great comfort or 4 petite Asians and you are there. The lumbar dec pillows lines up to the full length of the sofa to give your lower back the much-needed support for a comfortable position. Although my preference had been low back sofas for that clean, contemporary and minimalist look, a high back sofa had always been in my consideration due to my Significant Other’s preference. I had a really hard time finding one that is both minimalist with contemporary looks.


The DwellStudio Manor Sofa greets me at the entrance to Gilt & Folly

Gilt and Folly Sale

Gilt & Folly Year End Sale now On!

I had found a couple in the past in the name of Flexform Mood Dragonfly and Maxalto Febo Sofa, but they were far beyond my reach. I had seen replicas of this high back sofa, but looking at the price tag of DwellStudio’s Manor Sofa, it will tell you to give up on the replicas for an original piece. The Manor Sofa currently retails at SGD$5,310. With a 20% discount currently available at Gilt & Folly, it brings the price down to SGD$4,248. Buying a replica will set you back easily at SGD$3,500 if you are looking at leather upholstery. So, why not pay just 20% more for an original piece even though it is finished in fabric? 🙂 Interested in this piece of sofa, I looked up the internet for the fabric choices and I was in awe. The range of fabric choices were so wide that not even B&B Italia had that number of choices for me. This is when you think back to DwellStudio’s history and you will see why there is such a sheer variety of fabric is available.


The complete view of the Manor Sofa looking inviting and I did take a seat in it. It is no doubt, comfortable.

The second piece of furniture that had my interest is the Chester Sofa. This is basically a truly Eclectic piece of design that throws in Classic European styling with its Chester back, Traditional English design with its single-piece back rest that flows to form the arm rests, contemporary seat cushion designs and legs of wood. The whole concept was finished in a minimalist form that reduces visual bulk despite being heavily bolstered. This interested me with its price tag that was lower than the Manor Sofa. So, its pretty much a tie between these 2 sofas.

IMG_1086Pardon me for this off shot of the Chester Sofa as I try to capture the side table in the picture. I promise better pictures next time! 🙂

As I was typing under the light of my newly bought Flos Piani Table lamp, I just realised that this post is getting too long. Bear with me for just a little longer as I come to the last 2 pieces of interest during my visit to Gilt & Folly. The Selma Armchair and Side Chair are perfectly comfortable and exudes and air of classic design coupled with the scent of Art Deco. Although they are crafted from wood and finished in leather without the blinks of Art Deco styles, the back rest design simply shouts Art Deco. I love the arm rests of the Selma Armchair as it reminds me of the classy arm rests of Giorgetti small armchairs. My preference for the wood finishing would have to be Belgian Grey, French Oak or Dark Ash which adds more Contemporary flavours to it as compared to the Rosewood finished piece on display (a tad too oriental for my liking).

IMG_1082The Selma Armchair rounding the Axel Table, all from DwellStudio. It screams Art Deco in guise of Classicism.

Well, it’s getting late in Singapore and I think this post is getting too long to continue before I bore my readers out there with my over-excitement. 🙂 I still have more to share on my enjoyable visit to Gilt & Folly. I think I will leave it to the next post. Till then, good night and signing off from a cool Singapore night. 🙂

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