Gilt & Folly ~ The Accessories

Excitement and boredom don’t mix. But sometimes, they work together to drive things. For example, my boredom when studying for me coming certifications exams worked in tandem with my excitement to complete my chronicles of my visit last Friday to Gilt & Folly drove me to writing the second part of my blog post. After enjoying the furnishing and getting new ideas, I shall move on to talk about the broad range of accessories that I found at Gilt & Folly. In land scarce Singapore, it is common sight when you visit accessory retail outlets, to find retailers maximizing their shelf space to display as many of their products as possible. While the range will give you a good variety to choose from , it often confuse and creates a visual clutter than tend to diminish the attractiveness of these accessories from their real charm. While the real looker will still standout, some good ones may be lost in the sea of displays.

The wide range of accessories flanks the 2 walls to the side of the entrance of Gilt & Folly.

My visit to Gilt & Folly, says otherwise. I would say that Gilt & Folly sells more accessories than furniture. They have 2 shelves of accessories flanking the opposite walls of the showroom. Well, accessories are a pretty niche market in Singapore. It is not easy to find nice retailers displaying a wide range of accessories. Prior to my visit to Gilt & Folly, iwannagohome! at Great World City and Franc Franc at VivoCity are pretty much the nicer places to visit for accessory shopping. Unfortunately, the impact and influence that accessories can make when it comes to home and decor are not well recognised, which may explain the lack of retailers in this area. Accessories can be a good topic when entertaining guests. A conversation could be easily started just from a small accessory or work of art. Despite the niche market in accessories, a positive trend is bucking up in Singapore today with the progress made in the Singapore Arts Scene and the interests in Arts by the locals.

IMG_1083This tripod-legged table lamp near the entrance exudes class and warmth with its chunky wooden legs and neutral toned fabric shades.

Getting back to the Gilt & Folly showroom, the neutral colour combination of the furniture, dark wood tones of the shelving and the modest sized showroom all worked together to evoke a warm and cozy feeling when you step in. But there is a big difference that I felt had differentiated Gilt & Folly from their peers in the market. Gilt & Folly displays their accessories by displaying them with the furniture that they are selling and displaying them by coordinating colours palettes of the accessories. By colour coordinating the display of the accessories, a harmonious look could be achieved amongst the eclectic mood.

IMG_1088IMG_1089IMG_1090The accessories are eclectic, but the colour combinations work well to avoid the sense of mess and looks well coordinated to create harmony on the display shelves.

As such, the showroom felt more like a home that you can take reference from when shopping for your own furnishing and accessories. Space Asia Hub adopted a this concept as well. But Gilt & Folly applied this concept really well given the limitations of space. In fact, the limitation of space was turned into an advantage to create a cozy setting. I would say that all these decoration techniques played out well and enhances the accessory shopping experience. For some of us who finds visualisation of our preferred home a challenge when shopping for furniture and accessories, Gilt & Folly would represent a good place to appreciate these displays and how certain accessories could play out with your furniture.


The balance scale and the sun disk matches perfectly as if to say, “Justice is Shining upon you” or there is “Hope the innocent for Justice will be served”. Well, sounds quirky, but sometimes, a combination of 2 unrelated pieces of art/accessory could give an impact and coffee topic for your guests. Its totally up to you to make sense out of it. 🙂

IMG_1087I love the black vase with painted in gold on its inner side. The Colosseum art piece reminds me of my trip to Rome earlier this year. Pure nostalgia!

As I wandered about the showroom, I came across a shelf full of quirky art pieces based on the theme of a traditional coffee cup. These art pieces are works of local artists and they were part of the “Remaking an Icon” event that local magazine, Home & Decor is doing in collaboration with Gilt & Folly to commemorate Home & Decor’s 25th Anniversary. Anyone could bid for these art pieces online in the link here. The proceeds will go to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund for a good cause. I had already bid for my favourite and I am not afraid to share this as higher bids means more money for the charity. 🙂

Melts by Casey ChenMelts by Casey Chen for Home & Decor’s “Remaking an Icon”. Picture from Home & Decor.


I fell for it’s Surrealist inspiration. Pure Art.

The particular piece that interests me is “Melts” by Casey Chen. The concept was clearly inspired by Salvator Dali’s Elephants paintings. They are works of Surrealism that invokes creative imaginations of one’s mind. Casey Chen’s work is created from clay and gold-leaf. For more details on the various works of art, you can visit Home & Decor’s “Remaking an Icon” web page and do place your bids for one of them (Oops… I am so long-winded and repetitive). Oh, by the way, the art piece will come complete with an acrylic case for the ease of displaying the art and keeping them away from the dust.

For those of you who are interested in seeing the actual art piece, they are on display at Gilt & Folly at: Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, #03-07. The display will be on until 30 Dec 2012.

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