Minimalist ~ White Christmas

It’s the time of the year! It’s Christmas! This is a shopping season and everybody is in the mood to spend. Well, I did my fair share of contribution to the economy by spending a little on home accessories and a table lamp. 🙂 Christmas and home usually means decorating your home in the full blings of a Christmas accessories as well as dusting your Christmas tree that was probably kept in your store room after a whole year long to start splashing it with embellishments. Well, my post on this Christmas eve was going to be slightly different. Rather than decorating your home with bits and pieces, if you happen to be a minimalist advocate, renovating your home during this Christmas season and are on a Christmas mood, you can choose a Christmas colour palette of Red on White for your home! 🙂

I shall start off with a couple of examples of White Minimalism with Red Accent. They are meant for each other. As a matter of fact, a piece of White canvas is perfect for any accent colours! Throw in any bright and colourful accents and it will stand out like a bulb.

White Red Minimalist 5

Take a look at the B&B Italia Grande Papilio by Naoto Fukasawa in the picture above (Picture from Minimalisti) and you would have noticed how the Red Accents in the predominantly white background stands out in the picture.

White Red Minimalist 1

The above example from Varrell Home Design adds a dark wood tone to the mix in the form of wooden flooring. Dark wood tones play well to the red accents and adds warmth to the whole setting. This works well for those who want to avoid the cold and emptiness of a full Minimalist setup and would prefer a more Contemporary take.

White Red Minimalist 2

Vitra gave us an example of how a red Alcove sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec could be a large visual anchor rather than using an Accent Chair. Here, the large size of the sofa does not allow the Red to fade into the background amidst the presence of other colour palettes such as black. If an accent chair were to be used instead, it may just become part of the colour palette mix and not an accent due to its smaller visual impact (Pictures from BlossomStudio’s).

White Red Minimalist 4

I got this picture from B&B Italia’s Facebook Page. This is another example of how size influence a colour to become an accent colour or fade into another colour in the background to add visual mess. Just look at how well a large, red sectional sofa work against an array of black, white, wood and beige tones. The large red B&B Italia Michel Sectional Sofa by Antonio Citterio does just that.

White Red Minimalist 3

This is an example of a warm, but minimal bedroom on a consistent colour tone with a splash of red from the Eames Lounge Chair Wood to brighten things up (Pictures from colefacts).

Just for fun’s sake, if I am to do a minor makeover in an already minimalist home of white, I would think that the below furniture would make a perfect mood for Christmas.

A white Poltrona Frau Chester One would provide the luxury in the white minimalist home.

Cappellini Knotted Chair

Now, for the accent, I would pick a red Cappellini Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders.

MDF Italia Robin

For the dining table, a minimalist white Robin table by Bruno Fattorini & Partners for MDF Italia would make a perfect base for the Red and White dining chairs to come (pictures from archiproducts).

B&B Italia Vol au Vent

The main dining chair of choice would be B&B Italia Vol au Vent upholstered chairs by Mario Bellini that provides padded comfort with simple lines. The Vol au Vent chairs shall line up the sides of the minimalist dining table to contrast the white.Giorgetti MargotTwo Giorgetti Margot small armchairs by Antonello Mosca shall be placed at each end of the MDF Italia Robin table. White upholstery should provide the white contrast and the Christmas theme of the colour palette. After all, people always say, “White Christmas”. 🙂


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