Luis ~ “V” & “+” = Winning Design

No worries, we are not having a mathematics lesson here today. 🙂 We will be talking about a small complement that will augment both your Living Room and your Bedrooms. I am referring to stools and side tables and from who else, but my favourite Design Master, Antonio Citterio.

B&B Italia Luis 5

Here is the topic of the day with its multiple variants on display.

B&B Italia Luis 10

The side tables and ottoman variants side by side for comparison (Pictures from Studio Como).

If you look at the anti-design language of Antonio Citterio’s masterpieces, the Luis series of complements from B&B Italia does look like a deviation from his traditionally straight forward style. The Luis series of complements can be distinguished with their signature “V-shaped legs available in B&B Italia’s customary polished chrome, bronze or nickel finishing for the legs of their side tables. My focus today shall be on the “Stool” variant, or “Ottoman” as what B&B Italia would prefer to call it.

B&B Italia Luis 2 B&B Italia Luis 3B&B Italia Luis Range of Complements comes in various shapes and sizes, including a console bench and a magazine holder. But all comes with the same signature legs.

Designed in 2007, the B&B Italia Luis Ottoman utilizes the same leg and base design as its side table siblings, with a different top instead, much like the Maxalto Elios series of side tables and ottoman. Like the Maxalto Elios, the Luis side tables spots a round, crystal-mirror finished flat top while the “Ottoman” variant had in place, a thick and contoured wooden top in place as a seat. A hole conveniently features at the center of the wooden seat, probably to let out some heat. 🙂 The “Ottoman” variant of the Luis is available in a series of options of brushed light oak, black oak, grey or brown oak.

B&B Italia Luis 7My focus of the day and my future piece that will take its place in my Master Bedroom (for the Missus) – Luis in Light Brushed Oak. Pictures from Chaplins.

B&B Italia Luis 9 An alternative choice of colour – Ottoman in Dark Oak (Pictures from Studio Como).

B&B Italia Luis 6

The side table variant adds an air of elegance and sophistication, especially with its polished chrome base.

The Luis ottoman and side tables appear to take inspiration from its cousin series, the B&B Italia Eileen with its “+”-shaped base (or “Cross”-shaped if you prefer). Although simple in design, the Luis Ottoman’s “V-shaped legs and “+”-shaped base add sophistication to the overall feel of the small stool. This is especially true when you opt for the polished chrome legs. The “V-shaped legs with its “+”-shaped base combination makes the Luis a unique design in B&B Italia and Maxalto’s catalog. It is vastly different from the straight legs-round base design spotted in the B&B Italia Frank/Mera and Maxalto Panthos/Elios/Lithos series of side tables.

B&B Italia Luis 1A change of the top, changes its function totally.

B&B Italia and Maxalto’s side tables are roughly the same price given the similar materials of choice. For example, the ottoman variants of a B&B Italia Luis and Maxalto Elios are in the same price range as the side table variant of the B&B Italia Frank. With these 3 similarly priced side tables/ottomans, my choice have to be the Luis (although I am so tempted to get a Maxalto instead which I had always held a torch).

B&B Italia Luis 8B&B Italia Luis 4The Luis is unobtrusive and minimalist – Perfect for a contemporary, luxurious and minimalist home.

Well, since my pockets are not loaded enough to get all original designs to furnish my entire house, I shall aim to focus my “funds” in furnishing my private areas of my next home, namely the family room and bedrooms. My initial plan is to get a side chair for the dressing table (and I had planned to get a B&B Italia El chair for that). However, on second thoughts, having a stool for the dressing table would minimize visual clutter and make maneuvering much easier given Singapore’s small real estate in apartments. Plus, the feature hole in the Luis ottoman makes it real easy to pick up with your fingers and move the small stool around which I would see as a necessity for my wife. Given the logical and functional justifications, I find it hard to find another stool that looks as good and elegant, yet minimalist as the Luis. But for now, I got to pray harder that the property market will come down sooner so that I can start furnishing my dream abode!


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