Progetti ~ Antique Inspirations

Giorgetti, a name synonymous with rich history, class and quality was founded in 1898. Their masterfully crafted timber furniture were characterized by renowned International Designers such as Chi Wing Lo and Massimo Scolari. With such a rich history of furniture making behind it, it is no wonder that Giorgetti could take inspiration from the old world and blend them into their current designs to create a timeless classic. Today’s “chair-in-focus” apparently takes inspiration from antique walking sticks (According to The Business Times). Yes, this undoubtedly gentleman’s chair is the work of Giorgetti’s very own in-house design center, Centro Ricerche Giorgetti. *Drums and roll up the curtains*… Presenting, the Giorgetti Progetti Series.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 5The classy and gentlemanly armchair – The Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio.

Giorgetti Progetti 1

The original series of Progetti chairs. Pick one for your collection.

Giorgetti Progetti Divani 2

Giorgetti Progetti Divani 3

The Progetti Divani Series of Sofas and Heavily bolstered Armchair.

Usually, upholstered chairs had either the entire frame exposed with upholstered seats and back rests or they are fully upholstered right down to the legs of the chair. Sometimes, designers upholstered the entire chair, leaving the legs exposed as part of the design. However, Centro Ricerche Giorgetti had taken the unconventional route of exposing just the front section of the arm rests which is a single form that flows gently to join up with the legs of the chair. What Centro Ricerche Giorgetti had done is to take the antique walking stick and accentuate it into the exposed arm rests of the series of chairs that they had first designed back in 1987.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 1

Giorgetti Progetti 2

The “Antique Walking Stick” Accentuated into the arm rests of the Progetti.

Giorgetti Progetti Divani 1

The same concept applies to the 2-Seater Sofa variant of the Progetti Divani Sofas.

Giorgetti had also added some sweetener to attract the honey bees called Connoisseurs. Although the frame of the Progetti is made from the common solid beech wood, the curved parts of the arm rests where your palms are expected to rest on, are embellished with an exotic South American (mainly found in Brazil) wood called Pau Ferro, otherwise known as Morado, Bolivian Rosewood or Santos Rosewood. What makes the Pau Ferro attractive is its very small pores and a fine, even texture that has a naturally high luster.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 3The Antique Walking Stick “Handle” in Exotic Pau Ferro Wood seen here, incorporated as part of the arm rests.

The rest of the materials are the typical multi-density polyurethane and fiber for the seat padding, wrapped with either quality fabric or leather. The inclusion of an exotic wood adds value to the chair and doubles as a feature of the chair which is perfect as a conversation piece. I would have to say that a luxurious chair such as the Giorgetti Progetti looks its best when upholstered in luscious cream coloured leather.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 9

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 8

In my opinion, the Giorgetti Progetti is at its best in its Cuoio variant, upholstered in luscious cream leather. Picture from Desout.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 6

See the difference when upholstered in black leather? It does not exhibit the same softness and luxury as the cream leather (my personal opinion). Picture from Collectania.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 7

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 2

Tan leather works pretty well too. It’s a good alternative to cream leather if you are worried about the maintenance. 🙂 Picture from Collectania.

The Progetti was released as a series of armchairs, wing chairs and 2-seater sofa (named Progetti Divani) in 1987 with fabric option only. The series was given an update with an ottoman and in settee in 1995 and a leather option in 1996 called the Progetti Cuoio. By the way, “Cuoio” is Italian for leather for the curious minds out there. The Progetti series was given another update recently in 2009 to maintain currency with the design world where huge appetites for Modern Classic furniture persists. The new series is called the Progetti Blossom, probably named for its special sewing where leather inset are sewed to the inner part of the back to form an outward blooming pattern.

Giorgetti Progetti Cuoio 4

The Progetti Cuoio Series introduced leather upholstery to the Progetti chairs for the more luxury.

Giorgetti Progetti Blossom 2

The Progetti Blossom Series was added in 2009 to add a contemporary touch it.

Giorgetti Progetti Blossom 1

Here, the “blooming” leather inset are obvious.

Giorgetti Progetti Blossom 3

This beautiful picture of the Progetti Blossom Small Armchair makes me drool (I will drool even more if its in cream leather). Picture from Collectania.

For the design enthusiasts and the collectors who appreciates fine artisan and exotic wood, the Progetti could be a pretty attractive choice. You can count me as one of those who are looking to include this in part of my potential collection portfolio if I ever saved enough money for it. 🙂 I hope you had enjoyed this picture intensive post with most of the pictures from Giorgetti website.

Giorgetti Progetti Chairs in Shangri-La - Toronto

Progetti Small Armchairs had been widely used in hotels such as Shangri-La in Toronto, Canada for that comfortable lounging experience.

Giorgetti Progetti Chairs in Florence Enoteca Pinchiorri

They are used even in restaurants such as Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy.

Giorgetti Progetti Chairs in Al Maaden Golf Resort - Morocco

Progetti galore in the Al Maaden Golf Resort in Morocco.

Giorgetti Progetti Chair in Four Seasons Residences - Austin 1

Giorgetti Progetti Chair in Four Seasons Residences - Austin 2

Popular with luxury residences such as the Four Seasons Residences in Austin, USA.


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