Designer Furniture Warehouse Sale ~ The Visit

Over the weekend, I took a long trip from one end of the small sunny island of Singapore to the other end for the sale that I had been waiting for. It had been raining since Friday night to the whole of Saturday. That did dampen my mood by a little since my mood does swing with the weather. 🙂 Nevertheless, the plan to make the trip early in the morning ends up leaving for it at 3 in the afternoon. Thankfully, the rain had stopped when I arrived at the warehouse. It was a lot easier to locate than the previous Designer Furniture Warehouse Sale that I had gone to last year. Without much drama, I arrived at the place with plenty of parking to boot.

Entrancec 2Plenty of Parking available.

Entrance 1Entrance to where the goodies are. 🙂

Entrance 3The banner that tells you where to go to…

I eagerly went up to the 3rd floor and was presented with a wide open space filled with great pieces. I would have to say that it was better than even last year’s Designer Furniture Warehouse Sale! Greeting me at the lower level of the split level warehouse was pieces from Dream Interiors with brands such as Autoban, Cappellini, Ercol and MDF Italia going for mostly 50% off with some as much as 75% off! A cool piece that caught my eye immediately was the Ercol Treviso by Matthew Hilton. I would say that its the best buy in the house with it going for S$1,600 (original price going at S$4,600) which is easily within the price range of replicas. Well, as a proof that its really a good buy, it was snapped up right after I looked at a neighbouring MDF Italia chair!

Ercol Treviso DeskErcol Treviso Desk by Matthew Hilton

Still at the Dream Interiors Section, I came across the Peacock Chair made from a single piece of thick felt. The folds create an amazingly soft cushion that is comfortable to sit in. It too, went for a cool 50% off.

Cappellini Peacock ChairCappellini Peacock Chair by Dror Benshetrit

Diagonally across the Peacock Chair was a pretty industrial design by Autoban, a large armchair going by the name of Bergere. A strong form of solid wood encases the seat to create a cool throne of wood and fabric.

Autoban BergereAutoban Bergere by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Cağlar

As I moved further down to a group of white chairs on display, I found the chair that I was hoping to find. I love the MDF Italia Achille Armchairs and Side chairs by Jean-Marie Massaud that was pure Minimalism. No surprise, it was going for half of its retail price! I want one!

MDF Italia Achille 1MDF Italia Achille 2MDF Italia Achille Armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud

MDF Italia Achille 3MDF Italia Achille Side Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud

An economical dining chair was my next find. It was the basic swivel based MDF Italia Flow Side Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud again, going for a relatively affordable S$400+ (half price again!).

MDF Italia Flow Chair 1Flow Chair with Swivel Base by Jean-Marie Massaud

But my favourite would have to be the padded fabric covered variant of the Flow Chair. It was akin to B&B Italia’s Husk Chair. It was really very comfortable and was available in both a Round Swivel Base or Oak Legs. Personally, I liked the Oak Legged Swivel Base, but it was a little pricey for me even after the big discount.

MDF Italia Flow Chair 3MDF Italia Flow Chair 2Flow Chair in Padded Fabric with Round Swivel Base by Jean-Marie Massaud

Moving up to the split level, I took a browse at the Proof Living Section where I focused on one of my favourite brands, Poltrona Frau. I found another really comfortable dining chair. This time, it was clad in full leather with extremely soft padding. You need to try sitting on it experience its softness. I think that it would make a good study chair since it cost twice that of a MDF Italia Flow Chair with Padded Fabric. But its totally worth the money IMHO!

Poltrona Frau FitzgeraldPoltrona Frau Fitzgerald by Jean-Marie Massaud

The Beatrice Chair’s beauty cannot be seen from the front. Turn the chair around and you would find the beautifully crafted wooden shell back staring back at you. Calm and Zen were the feelings evoked from its back.

Poltrona Frau Beatrice 1Poltrona Frau Beatrice 2Poltrona Frau Beatrice Armchair by Monica Förster

Finally, I came to find the great looking Poltrona Frau Ginger Ale chair, also at 50% off. I was so tempted to get one!

Poltrona Frau Ginger AlePoltrona Frau Ginger Ale by Roberto Lazzeroni

One armchair caught the attention of my wife who was browsing by herself as I was chatting with my friends at Proof Living who were working tirelessly in bringing the sale to us. I would have to say, she got good tastes. 🙂 The Poltrona Frau Oxford Visitor Armchair is one classic piece that would work great as a relaxing classic armchair for my Master Bedroom.

Poltrona Frau Oxford VisitorPoltrona Frau Oxford Visitor Armchair by Poltrona Frau R&D

As I was making my way out of the warehouse, I saw the side table that I saw in the mailer that I had received. It’s a Fiam Sigmy Side Table that was modeled after the shape of a Sigma (hence the name Sigmy).

Fiam SigmyFiam Italia Sigmy by Aquili & Alberg

Here are some shots of the warehouse to give you an idea of how big the warehouse sales was. If you missed this round, you had missed a lot of goodies. Fret not, there will be more to come. 🙂 As I search for my next home, hopefully, by the next Warehouse Sale, I would have gotten one and I can finally do my shopping!

Warehouse 1Warehouse 2Warehouse 3I had enjoyed myself. Goodbye and till the next warehouse sale!

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