Treviso ~ Finger as Legs

Ercol had always put forth a country and classic flavour in its design. Very traditional and conservative, I would say. The first design from Ercol that caught my eye is the Modern Classic Butterfly Chair. But I am not going to talk about that chair today. Today’s lead is going to be a desk. This is a desk that caught my attention during my visit to the Designer Furniture Warehouse Sale by Proof Living, Dream Interiors and BoConcept. Yes, it was the desk that was snapped up in a brief moment when I shifted my attention from the desk to the MDF Italia Flow Chair beside me and back. Just in a couple of minutes time. Well, I can only say, congratulations to the new owner of the Treviso Desk that caught my eye! It was going for an awesome 65% off. I’ve learn my lessons: No time to ponder over such good buys!

The Good Buy that I missed.

Ercol Treviso Desk 1Ercol Treviso Desk 7Ercol Treviso Desk 8Ercol Treviso Desk 9Various Views of Erocl Treviso Desk by Matthew Hilton for your Visualisation (Pictures from Ercol Web Site)

Well, you may wonder why the title of this post is “Finger as Legs”. The truth is, the Ercol Treviso Desk legs reminds me so much of the Yellow Pages Logo where the tagline “Let the fingers do the walking” had been so catchy.

yellow-pages-logoThe Yellow Pages Logo reminds me of the Legs of the Treviso Desk when viewed from the Side.

The Ercol Treviso desk was designed in 2009 by Matthew Hilton who penned several beautiful wood pieces with De La Espada. His mainly wood-based portfolio of design makes him a perfect match with Ercol’s profile. True enough, he had created one of the most attractive and elegant desks that I had come across. It does not have the blinks of a chrome-legged Maxalto Max desk. Neither does it has the creamy and luxurious leather top of a Poltrona Frau Fred Desk. What it has are not luscious materials or the glamorous chrome. The Ercol Treviso attracts with its beautiful workmanship and natural wood grains from the natural American Oak that were sourced responsibly from sustainable forests. The traditional dovetail joints is also a sight to behold since nowadays, we are likely to see glued joints more often that classic joints like this.

Ercol Treviso Desk 3

Ercol Treviso Desk 10Classic Dovetail Construction Techniques and tapered edges adds flavour and gave the Treviso Desk more Character.

The Treviso is a double-deck desk which offers a lot more flexibility and space usage than traditional flat desk tops. The elevation is helped by 2 small drawers and Underneath the desk, there is an additional drawer. So, you can see that there are pretty fair bit of storage down in this desk. A useful cable management outlet is also built into the back of the desk. The edges were rounded and spots a sloping profile for added character. Sometimes, the legs does create a sense of imbalance and appear that the desk may topple over if you place a load too high on the desk top. This is thanks to the flare-angled legs that creates this sensation.

Ercol Treviso Desk 2Ercol Treviso Desk 6Ercol Treviso Desk 5Ercol Treviso Desk 4As versatile as the Treviso Desk can be, I would still prefer to match it with a wood based chair.

This is a beautiful piece not to be missed the next time it goes on sale. Its clean lines and wooden base fits into my home concept perfectly and most importantly, it is simply classic. I just love this desk!


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