Mr Bugatti ~ Fender Bender

It’s being more than 3 weeks since I last posted! I apologize for my “absence” for the last 3 weeks due to Chinese New Year and my business trip immediately after Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, I will be posted for at least 2 months overseas and I will be extremely busy. Although it’s the weekend, I had been working for the past 17 hours and had not caught a wink of sleep yet. This weekend was hectic due to the delivery of a new system to a client. The system cut over schedule runs 24 hrs a day starting Friday. As I wait for my team to complete running some tasks, I took the opportunity to write a post. 🙂 The immediate topic I had thought of is the chair once again, and its a unique one. It is literally unique as you cannot find two pieces of the exact same patterns on the chair itself. This series that I am talking about is Mr Bugatti by Francois Azambourg, designed for Cappellini in 2006.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 4 Cappellini Mr Bugatti 11

Mr Bugatti, a Fast Chair? The crumpled foil adds character and soul to this literally unique chair.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 12Mr Bugatti is also available in a 99-piece Limited Edition Piece with a Racing Stripe.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 8The full range of Mr Bugatti Chairs and Stools.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 7Cappellini Mr Bugatti 6Mr Bugatti is also available in Floor and Suspension Lamp Variants.

Mr Bugatti is a range of armchair, side chair, high stool with and without back rests. The uniqueness of this series is as mentioned, mass-produced objects with a unique personality. How could mass production achieve unique designs, I heard you ask. This is possible when you add a think piece of metal foil in the chair (Tin, to be exact). Using a thin foil of tin crumpled by mass-produced machines, even the same force and direction of pressing produces different crumple patterns. The crumpled tin is then injected with polyurethane foam for the structural strength and to preserve the unique crumple patterns. This creation by Francois Azambourg was created from an artistic viewpoint with class choice of materials from the car industry (metal). The purpose of crumpling the metal is not only to produce unique patterns, but also to symbolise the fender-bender encounters of sports cars. This is truly a piece of art, I would say.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 9Cappellini Mr Bugatti 13It isn’t hard to picture that Mr Bugatti is not that easy to fit into a typical room.

With a fast car theme and fender-bender design, Mr Bugatti chairs are of course available in traditional colours of fast cars (hence the name Mr Bugatti, named after famed car manufacturer, Bugatti of course). The bright enamel paints available for choice are Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Black and White. The shape and lines of the Mr Bugatti series are angular and a tad cartoonish which would make it fit in perfectly with a Children’s Show. The Armchair is a Deep Lounge Chair which would make a more comfortable sit for the long-legged. The High Stool with a low back rest is equally attractive for me, but the lounge chair still has to be my favourite in the series. Mr Bugatti is also available in a Limited Edition Run of 99 pieces which adds a white Racing Stripe over the Fiery Red Lounge Paint work. Racy indeed. 🙂

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 1Limited Edition run of 99. Pictures from Inform Interiors.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 10Cappellini Mr Bugatti 2Mr Bugatti seems to fit in better with the industrial theme.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 5Blue is so Smurfy and Porsche. Picture from Made in Design.

Cappellini Mr Bugatti 3It also works for outdoors. Picture from Flickr.

Of course, lounging in a plastic based chair can never be as comfortable as an upholstered chair. But Mr Bugatti looks comfortable enough to convince me to put the money down. The only problem for me is blending this chair into the theme of my next home, which is largely wood based. I thought that my new idea of having a Craft Room that will have an Eclectic mix of a collection of chairs, would be a perfect place to place the Cappellini Mr Bugatti. It’s a choice to be made.


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