Feel Good ~ Feeling Good and Looking Good

Busy, busy, busy. I had been so tied up with work even through past 2 weekends that I had to miss out updating this blog. How I wish I could be feeling the way the name of the next design piece I am going to write about in this post, would suggest: Feel Good. And how I wish, I could be sitting in one of these sofas now. 🙂 I had always love Flexform Sofas for their luxurious designs. They comes with Steel Legs and Wooden Legs in different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for the laziness of resort styles, the luxury of lush materials or the glamourous polished stainless steel, Flexform Sofas has it all. Its designs are simple and the details are subtle and brought out through the materials used and the ergonomics that you will be able to experience only when you sit on them.

Flexform Feel Good 2Flexform Feel Good 1Flexform Feel Good Sofa – Feels good to your eyes and butt. (Pictures from Flexform Website).

Designed by the celebrated Antonio Citterio in 2009 and going through 2 updates to the range in 2010 and 2012 respectively, the Feel Good series comes with an armchair, a range of sectional sofa with varying depth and arm lengths, lounge sofas, chaise lounge and even a series of bed under this series. The Feel Good Alto was introduced in 2010 as an addition to the already large range of sectional sofas (Feel Good Ten and Feel Good Ten Large) and a bed joined the family in 2012.

Flexform Feel Good 11Flexform Feel Good 12Feel Good comes in seat and pouf form. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Flexform Feel Good 8Flexform Feel Good Alto – 2010’s new addition, a high back rest variant for more physical good feelings. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Flexform Feel Good 7Flexform brings the good feeling into the bedroom with the 2012 Feel Good Bed. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Given my praise for Flexform Sofas, I believe you would have guessed that the sofas in the Feel Good range is going to be my focus for today. There are 2 different sizes of Feel Good Sofas. The Feel Good Ten has a typical depth of 95cm and the larger Feel Good Ten Large has a much deeper seating at 114cm. Although not as deep as the 122cm Flexform Groundpiece, it is still a deep and a comfortable sit for the long-legged. The Feel Good Alto sits in-between the 2 different depths at 97cm. The Feel Good is built on a metal frame with a polyurethane under seat and covered in leather or suede. Arm and back rests are carved from wood and padded in Dacron and polyurethane foam with a protective fabric lining. The thin profiled seat cushions are similarly padded in the same materials and the cushions are down-filled. Upholstery options are available in either fabric or leather and so there goes the technical specifications.

Flexform Feel Good 6Chaise to make you feel good. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Flexform Feel Good 3Birds eye view that makes you feel good. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Design wise, most of the Flexform Sofas are perfect for me. But I find the Feel Good still sitting on top as one of the best looking sofas from Flexform. The Groundpiece and the Soft Dream are 2 other Flexform Sofas which I liked very much and they were all designed by the same great, Antonio Citterio. Back to the design of the Feel Good. The Feel Good Sofa is basically a very sleek and thin profile Sofa and yet, it can provide the high levels of comfort you would expect from a luxury sofa. The thin seat cushions, similar to the B&B Italia Charles Sofa lends itself well to the thin frame as well as the sharp-profiled, angular sickle-like satin/chrome metal legs. The arm and back rests of the Feel Good Sofa are similarly, thin profiled and slightly curved. This more consistent design blends better with the overall design as compared to the Charles Sofa which spots thick arm rests. It also gives the Feel Good a more distinctive and unique look. Back cushions provide additional support required to give you a more comfortable rest without adding more visual bulk. Overall, I love the Feel Good for its light and airy look and it’s simple and minimalistic underpinnings.

Flexform Feel Good 4Flexform Feel Good 10Ok, enough of the “feel good” metaphor in my previous captions. See how the Feel Good integrates into a Living Room full of Flexforms. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

Back in 2010, a high back Feel Good Lounge Sofa was added to the family. The new family member was termed the Feel Good Alto, probably due to its high back reaching into the high altitudes metaphorically or its alfresco look, I guess. Well, these are the 2 words that pops into my mind when I look at the design and the name. Nevertheless, the Feel Good Alto is very much like a Wing-back Sofa that wraps around your head if you are sitting by the sides. It offers very good back and neck support with its high back rests and with its slim arm rests, does not do as much damage to a minimalist setting as a thickly padded sofa with a high back rest. This Lounge Sofa addition ensures that the Feel Good range does have one that will give you a really good feeling regardless whether it is physical or visual comfort.

Flexform Feel Good 5Flexform Feel Good 9The Alto showing off its high back rests. (Pictures from Flexform Website)

If money is no object, it will be a must have for me. 🙂


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