Lama ~ Where Function meets Form

Lounge Chair or Armchair with a Built-in “Side Table”? How you sit will determine what you get. Confused? 🙂 Designed in 2006 by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, and revisited in 2011 for outdoor use, the Lama is a 2 in 1 piece of ingenuity. Similar to the B&B Italia Terminal 1 by Jean Marie Massaud, the Lama is a more angular version and functional design than the more sculptural B&B Italia Terminal 1.

Zanotta Lama 5Zanotta Lama, an unique design where form and function was not compromised. (Pictures from

Zanotta Lama 3Detailed look at the Lama. (Picture from Parad Design)

Zanotta Lama 7Outdoor version added in 2011. (Pictures from Hi Design)

Sit in it upright, you can enjoy the full back support and lounge in it like an armchair. Lie on the side of this 2-in-1 chair and put your legs up, and you will be lying in the comfortable position of a chaise lounge. Begin more angular, the Lama naturally has more flat surfaces, making it more functional (etc, easier to fit yourself into the sit in upright position as well as to make use of the long extension meant for the legs when used as a chaise, as a built-in side table.

Zanotta Lama 1Zanotta Lama 2Lie on the Side, Sit Upright, the Zanotta Lama provides a comfortable position no matter how you sit in it. (Pictures from Zanotta Website).

However, these flat surfaces did not sacrifice form for function. Interestingly, the arrangement of the thin steel legs and the shape of the chair makes it somewhat “digital”. I don’t know how to describe it, but the futuristic shape probably is the result of the intersection of the steel rod legs at right angles much like the circuitry of an electronic board. Perhaps that is what gave me that feeling.

Zanotta Lama 4This picture from Atomic Interiors shows how to utilize the “Built-in” Side Table.

Zanotta Lama 6Despite being a very contemporary design, the Lama has no issues blending into more classical settings.

The Lama was built on a steel frame and wrapped in luxurious fabric, leather or cowhide that are removable. To enhance comfort, the Lama was padded in polyurethane and suspended in elastic strips. The Lama was never complicated to look at. It is also never so simple that it looks “Super Normal”. For the subtle lovers of designs, this is a simple construction that provided a simple result with a loads of flexible usage. This, is truly, ingenuity by 2 brilliant brains in the industry.

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