Great Singapore Sale 2013

No, I did not give up on design. It is still my top interest. 🙂 Millions of Apologies for not updating my blog for so long due to my work commitments. It’s been such a busy work period for me over since Chinese New Year. Even after I came back from my short term overseas posting (after successfully closing one phase of a mission impossible project), the workload did not dwindle. Nevertheless, I did manage to squeeze time for some visits to the on-going sales which I will update in my later posts. You can check out the sale details in my Sale Sale Sale Page.

It’s the time of the year again! Last weekend I kicked started my “tour de furniture” making Space Furniture my first stop. Although the deals were not as fantastic as the last year end sale, there were some goods deals though. So good were the deals that I was tempted to put my money down immediately! This weekend, I am planning to drop by Dream Interiors to see if there are brilliant deals around. I will update the blog again with the pictures this weekend. Cheers!

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