Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition ~ My Conquered Treasures

Having being to the Essential Eames Exhibition on the opening day. How could I miss the souvenir section, (not to mention that I am a design buff)? I spent a good 20 minutes in the souvenir sections looking through all the products on offer. Of course, the very book that this exhibition is based on, “An Eames Primer“, is available if you are interested and I recalled that it is a limited edition print for this exhibition. So, it’s worth collecting if you want to get the book anyway. Other books on the Eameses are also available and small items on this theme such as stationary (pencil and card holders) as well as postcards and posters are available for sale. Even cameras are on sale as this exhibition also showcased Charles Eames’ photography works.

What caught me was a set of miniature chairs consisting some of the Eameses’ most iconic designs. There are 3 sub-sets which could be bought individually for SGD$39 or a full set for SGD$117. Well, you guessed it, I couldn’t help but get the whole set! Even when taking it out for pictures, I just couldn’t bear to take them out of the protective plastics. So, apologies for the poor images. 🙂

Camera 360 Camera 360The 9-piece Set of Iconic Eames Chairs. They actually consist of just 7 Eames Designs.

Design Interior Collection 3The Eames Plastic Armchair DAW and the Eames La Chaise

Design Interior Collection 4The Eames Elephant, Eames Plastic Armchair RAR and Eames Plastic Chair DAW

Design Interior Collection 5The Eames Lounge Chair with Ottoman and Eames Aluminum Group Chair

Card HolderOh, I also picked up a plastic cardholder for souvenir’s sake. 🙂

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