Proof Living Pre-Renovation Sale ~ 5th July 2013

I just received a mailer a couple of days back from Proof Living on their Pre-Renovation Sale. The stock list showed some good bargains if you are in for some luxury items. Well, considering that the pieces are going at 50% off the retail price (although they are still pretty pricey after discount and are ex-display pieces), I believe there should be still good picks if the conditions are good. Having being to their warehouse sales where display pieces were sold, I would have no qualms getting one.

The stock list is available here. But here are some of the highlights for me. 🙂

Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 1 Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 2 Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 3 Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 4 Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 5 Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 6 Proof Living Pre-Reno Sale 7The sale will be on 5th July 2013, 6pm to 9pm. You can also shop the sale items over a cup of coffee and macaroons.

*Note that you will need to RSVP by filling up a simple online form here in order to be admitted to this 3 hour sale. Enjoy!

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