Lush Lush Acres ~ Our Abode, Our Home

Our choice is finally made and it was made with a little bit of surprise. Well, we had recently opted to join in the balloting for a brand new Executive Condominium (EC) and it yielded a surprising result. First of all, our choice units were highly limited. My wife and I were looking for either the Patio Units or the Penthouse Units. The Patio Units were unique indeed with a 4.5m ceiling height throughout the entire apartment as compared to a standard 2.7m ceiling height for the rest of the pack. However, these 8 unique units does not have pool views. A look at the contours of the development explains it all. Lush Acres will be built on elevated ground and these unique units were built on the lower ground. As such, these perimeter facing Patio Units had to match up to the 2nd floor at the pool level. This resulted in the 4.5m ceiling height. The best part of these units were that the void ceilings were not calculated into the gross floor area, unlike the “penthouses” of this development! Well, thanks to the show flat’s high ceiling, we were completely sold. This is why our choice units include the penthouses as well even though they charge for the void space above the living area while the rest of the house are at normal ceiling height. Basically, for the penthouses, I can only say that you pay more and get less.

Lush Acres 1Lush Acres Sunken Lounge 2Agri-Cube Hydroponic Farm Aqua Climbers and Aqua Bikes Entrance Cascading Waterfall Lush-Acres-FacilitiesArtist Impressions of Lush Acres (Picture from CDL Website)

With my queue number for selection running in the thousands, I would never thought that I would be able get a unit of my choice given that the development size is only 380 units. For that, I have to thank the 70% of the folks who got really good queue numbers via the ballot and did not turn up for the selection. Guess what, I managed to select a unit that is 4th on my list! As a matter of fact, by the time our nervous and excited selves stepped into the selection room, our 4th and 5th choice units are still available. We had to make a quick decision between the two 4 Bedroom units. With the need for more space, we decided to pick the bigger and more expensive unit of the 2, for that little bit of extra space. 5 minutes after we entered the showroom, we put the cheque on the table for a 4 Bedroom Suite unit.

BoughtFinally, we found our dream abode. 🙂

Nearly 2 months after booking day, there were no regrets. The little extra space given by the unique L-Shaped Balcony Entrance gave me a lot more free play and space in designing a lifestyle balcony as compared to a more regular rectangular Balcony Entrance design (which doesn’t look as good in terms of Feng Shui as well as the door opens up to the end of the balcony). Take a look at the below floor plans and you will get what I mean. 🙂 The bigger unit also have full height windows at both ends of the living space, providing a natural air circulation within the unit for a cooler home. This is critical for us in tropical Singapore where temperature and humidity are high. The smaller unit gives us no such feature with a small little window at the dining space’s end. So, we decided to bear with the pain digging further into our coffers and get what we would love to have.

4-BR Balcony EntranceThe Smaller 4 Bedroom Unit (Picture from CDL Website)4-BR Suite Balcony EntranceLush Acres Living RoomThe bigger 4 Bedroom Suite Unit. Note the full glass Windows at the side of the Dining Room. (Picture from CDL Website)

The excitement was of course, the fact that we could finally stop window shopping during my favourite sale days. Finally, I could start snapping up bargain pieces from the next Proof Living Warehouse Sales! 🙂 We could also finally begin designing and visualising our dream home which will become a reality in 3 years time.

Paranomic View of the SiteThis is where our future home will be. Still a piece of “Lush” Greenery (pun intended) now though. 🙂

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