LC4 CP ~ Icon Inspired Icon

An Icon – That is what the Cassina LC4 Chaise Longue is. So, what happens when anther icon takes an icon and re-interpret it? You get the Cassina LC4 CP. Cassina had recently released a special limited series version of the iconic Chaise Longue. This special limited edition LC4 is a tribute to Charlotte Perriand (one of LC4’s famed designers) by another world icon, Louis Vuitton. As you would have guessed, the “CP” stands for “Charlotte Perriand”. The Cassina LC4 is typically known most as the Chaise designed by Le Corbusier and frequently referred to as the Le Corbusier Chaise, especially in the replica world. It is interesting to see a tribute to Charlotte Perriand with the LC4 Chaise. I would have expected the use of Cassina’s Tokyo Chaise instead, which was solely designed by Charlotte Perriand herself. But with Louis Vuitton’s fame for leather products, it all makes sense to me now.

Cassina LC4 CP 1Colour Scheme of a Traditional Louis Vuitton Handbag (Picture from Cassina)

According to Cassina, “Louis Vuitton has chosen Charlotte Perriand’s non-conformist style as inspiration for the 2014 Spring/Summer and Fall Icon Collections. An intriguing female icon from the Modern Movement, Charlotte Perriand was passionate about travelling, photography, architecture and design. Her curiosity and intuition led her to create visionary designs with a refined minimalism which can be found in Louis Vuitton’s collection today. This timeless elegance is particularly highlighted in Louis Vuitton’s creative tools and window displays which have been enriched with authentic Cassina furniture.”

Cassina LC4 CP 2Cassina LC4 CP 3Timeless Elegance of the Line of the LC4 is a Classic (Picture from Cassina)

The Cassina LC4 CP is a limited edition of 1000 pieces. The original evocative LC4 was designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. The LC4 CP Edition was officially presented at Design Miami/Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 in memory of the 110th anniversary of Charlotte Perriand’s birth. I would say that the LC4 had attained a legendary status and was considered by many, as the ultimate ‘relaxing machine’. To Charlotte Perriand, the LC4 perfectly reflects her idea of functional furniture which caters to the natural human form to create maximum comfort. Cassina had shared that the inspiration for the LC4 CP Edition, dates back to the then controversial, now renowned, photo of Charlotte Perriand relaxing on one of the first models of the chaise longue with a self-supporting mattress attached directly to the frame.

The then controversial, now renowned, photo of Charlotte Perriand relaxing on one of the first models of the LC4 (Pictures from Cassina)

Since we are looking at an LC4 Chaise that Louis Vuitton had a hand in, it would be natural that the LC4 CP would have Louis Vuitton’s trademarks. Indeed, you will be able to find Louis Vuitton traits all over the chaise.

The LC4 CP had been developed by blending Louis Vuitton’s expertise in saddlery craftsmanship into the design architecture of the original LC4. The LC4 CP has the same self-supporting mattress, steel frames as the original chaise with Louis Vuitton working their magic in the upholstery of the LC4 CP. The same light pink natural saddle-leather from the Louis Vuitton tannery found in Louis Vuitton bags are used for the upholstery of the mattress. It is the first time in history that the mattress of the LC4 is covered in saddle leather in its 80 years of history since its inception.

LC4 CP - Leather Belts and Red Cut EdgesLC4 CP - Leather Belts and Red Cut Edges 2The Louis Vuitton Inspirations are all in the details (Pictures from Cassina).

The uniqueness are in the details. The cut edges of the leather covering the mattress echos to Louis Vuitton handbags in the same red colour, giving it the Louis Vuitton flavour. The headrest is fixed to the chrome frame by contrasting dark brown saddle-leather belts with the footrest upholstered in the same material. The detailing of the LC4 CP goes right down to the matching stitching in the saddle-leather upholstering. Yellow threads are used on the light pink saddle-leather upholstery while dark brown stitching are used on the dark brown saddle-leather, all trademarks of a Louis Vuitton bag.

LC4 CP - Leather and StitchingThe Stitching Matches the Colours of the Saddle-Leather as with Louis Vuitton Hand Bags (Pictures from Cassina)

Each basalt coloured base now carries a new dedication message: “HOMMAGE DE CASSINA A CHARLOTTE PERRIAND A L’OCCASION DE LA COLLECTION ICONES 2014 DE LOUIS VUITTON XXXX/1000 – 2014“. The LC4 CP is authenticated with the progressive limited edition production number, and the authors’ signatures along with the Cassina I Maestri logo are engraved, as always, on the chrome structure.

LC4 CP - Hommage MessageThe New Inscriptions (Pictures from Cassina)

For guys who had a hard time convincing your wives and girlfriends to agree with you to spend your money on this classic piece, I think there is no better time. For girls, I don’t need to say anymore, you get both a chaise and a Louis Vuitton bag all rolled up into one! I say, its a win-win for all.

But before you head down to get one, only 4 of the 1,000 limited pieces will be allocated to Singapore. The LC4 CP is slated to arrive in Dream Interiors Flagship Store by April 2014. For more information, you could give Dream Interiors a call to see if you could reserve one. 🙂

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