This blog is about our journey in finding our next home and the process of turning it into our dream abode.

At the beginning of the search for our dream home, I had used this blog to discuss one of my passions, Designs and Furnishings. Hence, you will see reviews and discussions of design themes and furnishings that caught my eye as well as reviews of sales events that I had attended.

The pictures that you see are mostly crawled from the web and their design histories are included in my posts where ever possible. Most of the write ups are my views on the design after reading the design histories and philosophies.

Of course, I hope that some these furnishings will make it to my home as I seek to build a collection that blends in perfection to create our dream home. Although we had recently found our dream home, it will take another two and a half year before construction will be completed. In the near future, this blog will be all about the interior design, renovations and the furnishing sourcing.

Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂


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