Flat.C ~ For the Flat Screens

In my bid in looking for a feature wall design, I came across Designer Wall Systems which struck a chord with my ideas. In one of my previous posts about home libraries, I had brought forth the various possible locations of a home library. They can be found in their own dedicated room or blend […]

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Random ~ Emotional Liaison

Today’s blog post marks my first focus on bookshelf and the bookshelf that opens this post has to be undoubtedly unique. What made me choose this particular bookshelf for today’s feature is in its Design Philosophy. The story and the inspiration behind the bookshelf is deep and meaningful. It is not something that is obvious […]

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Titanes ~ Crush on the Titan

Buffet Sideboards are something optional to many, me included. It is something I always wanted to have but is often left out as my renovation budget tends to be diverted to somewhere more of a need than a want. Why do I like buffet sideboards? For the extra storage of course, and there is also […]

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