Achille ~ Minimalist Pad

Minimalism can be boring to some due to its lack of details or even the lack of design or materials. Simplicity is key in Minimalist designs and its often the subtleties that captures the audience. Jean-Marie Massaud approached it in a different way. Although the French Design Maestro had never being an advocate of loud […]

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Lifewood ~ Throne of Life

A couple of days ago, I was showing my other half on the Living Room Design that I had conceived with the Flexform Groundpiece Sofa as the centerpiece. Upon looking at the Groundpiece, my other half suggested that the Groundpiece looks a little too heavy and bulky and asked me about my thin profile preferences. […]

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Jockey ~ Ride of the Room

This chair recently got into my newly created Top 10 List for Accent Chairs. It didn’t occurred to me how good this piece of seat is until I saw it in actual during the Proof Living Sale. Described as a “form of Modern Classicism” by Poltrona Frau’s website, the Jockey seat designed by François Azambourg […]

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Kalos ~ Classic Slide Easy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the Maxalto Kalos Armchair? An Armchair? An Easy Chair? A Lounge Chair? A Wing Chair? Or, does the Modern Massage Chair comes to your mind? You would be forgiven if the latter comes to your mind. As a matter of fact, […]

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Normal ~ Abnormal Attractiveness

I can’t help but come back to the classy and tasteful designs of two particular brands, which had recently became my favourites. Ironically, I used to find designs from these brands blend and particularly old styled. Perhaps I had grown older to appreciate these designs, perhaps I had become more “classy”… Oops, that sounds kind […]

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