Jiff ~ Tri-Star Table

This has been my favourite Occasional/Side Table for ages and it is still, now. The Flexform Jiff Occasional Table comes in 3 heights to meet all your uses for an occasional table. Why is this a favourite of mine? Well, first, it has a unique design of legs, second, it meats my criteria that all […]

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Lifewood ~ Throne of Life

A couple of days ago, I was showing my other half on the Living Room Design that I had conceived with the Flexform Groundpiece Sofa as the centerpiece. Upon looking at the Groundpiece, my other half suggested that the Groundpiece looks a little too heavy and bulky and asked me about my thin profile preferences. […]

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Happy ~ Joy to the Lounge

Accents Chairs are a centerpiece to a well designed Living Room. Enter the Anti-Design Movements from the 1960s onwards and you will find that the Accents Chair may now come in quite different forms. Accent Chairs can come as one that is not so striking and one that is defined by comfort than appeal. Of […]

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Thomas ~ Mr. Comfortable

This, is definitely not minimalist, I hear some say. This has to be contemporary or even a reinterpretation of traditional stuff. It’s visual bulk, the resultant of short legs and thick cushion, leaves most of us with little hope that it can be part of a Minimalist Home. The chair in this post was probably […]

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