Achille ~ Minimalist Pad

Minimalism can be boring to some due to its lack of details or even the lack of design or materials. Simplicity is key in Minimalist designs and its often the subtleties that captures the audience. Jean-Marie Massaud approached it in a different way. Although the French Design Maestro had never being an advocate of loud […]

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Minimalist ~ White Christmas

It’s the time of the year! It’s Christmas! This is a shopping season and everybody is in the mood to spend. Well, I did my fair share of contribution to the economy by spending a little on home accessories and a table lamp. 🙂 Christmas and home usually means decorating your home in the full […]

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Random ~ Emotional Liaison

Today’s blog post marks my first focus on bookshelf and the bookshelf that opens this post has to be undoubtedly unique. What made me choose this particular bookshelf for today’s feature is in its Design Philosophy. The story and the inspiration behind the bookshelf is deep and meaningful. It is not something that is obvious […]

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