Elbow Chair ~ A New Past

Over the decades, going back to basics had been the technique for reviving ailing company. Well, of course, this post has nothing to do with companies. Rather, it is about an U-turn in design mindset. Luxury and extravagant colours of the contemporary wind had brought about complexities and visual complications. This is why I had […]

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Jockey ~ Ride of the Room

This chair recently got into my newly created Top 10 List for Accent Chairs. It didn’t occurred to me how good this piece of seat is until I saw it in actual during the Proof Living Sale. Described as a “form of Modern Classicism” by Poltrona Frau’s website, the Jockey seat designed by François Azambourg […]

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Tokyo ~ Where East Meets West

This would have become a Modern Classic should it be released back in 1940 when it was designed by Charlotte Perriand. We know that it did not happen until 2011 when Cassina dig into its archives for unreleased designs of the mid-century. Cassina were not the only ones who knew that Modern Classics were growing […]

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Standard ~ The Eclectic Standard

Let’s make a time jump again today, from the contemporary designs back to the popular mid-century designs. I will be talking about a very standard chair (pun intended). Take a look at the chair in the pictures below from Vitra’s Website and you would most likely approve that “Standard” is a very apt name for […]

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