Husk ~ Cushion World

Its being more than a week since my last post due to my compressed work schedule to finish off what needs to be done prior to my week-long holidays and crawling back the piling loads of work after I’m back. Phew, now that the stress is over, I can put my keyboard to work again. […]

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Fat Fat ~ Fat Name, Slim Body

Patricia Urquiola has a penchant of designing quirky and bold furnishing that are sometimes surreal and yet practical. The Bend Sofa mimics the lines and curves of 3D graphics that you expect to see on the computer screen and the Husk Chair imagines how it would be like to be surrounded by tons of cushions. […]

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Bend Sofa ~ Artistic Expressions

Although B&B Italia’s Bend Sofa was first unveiled in 2010, it was not introduced in Singapore until 2011. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, the Bend Sofa was intended to be affordable to the masses, unlike it’s pricier cousins. It was designed as a series of modules that allows a flexible range of configurations to be […]

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