The Clock is Ticking ~ Lead up to T.O.P

Time is a mysterious concept. When you are putting your mind to it, it seemed to last for eternity. But when you are not thinking about it, it flashes by before you knew it. Recently, I realised that it had been more than 2 years since my last blog entry, thanks to my friend and future neighbour, Justin’s reminder. 🙂

Since the day we sold our home, we had went through so many different paths and crossroads before deciding on our future home: Lush Acres. We picked this project for a variety of reasons, the layout, the quality of the showroom and developer, location (being the only Executive Condo (EC) supported by 3 Private Condos around it) and of course, the right price (at that time). Even though the price of private housing had dropped by a fair bit in Singapore due to the weak market outlook globally, I am still looking forward to the completion of our project and getting that heavy bunch of keys to our new home.

We were hoping and expecting to get our keys sometime in June this year, based on other other development projects’ obtaining of their Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P) dates, which is usually between 3 to 6 months before the indicate T.O.P date. T.O.P, by the way, stands for for anyone not familiar with properties.

With the T.O.P date coming up within the next half a year, it is exciting and high time we started talking about our design plans for our unit! Over the next few posts, I will be looking at different ideas for each space within the unit so as to help myself and any of my neighbours reading my blog concretise their design directions in terms of the space usage and furnishing layout. I will not be touching on different themes as that is something more personal. Space usage and furniture placements tend to be more functional, which I find will be more helpful to everyone, especially in space constricted Singapore.

Let’s start the ball rolling!


2 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking ~ Lead up to T.O.P

  1. hey hey.. lovely blog there. such influence on my choices of furniture. hope all the pieces are living in harmony now! P

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