The Teams Behind the Address ~ The Track Records

Now that the home had been realised and the it is all forward looking to 3 years down the road, the pain of waiting sets in. The discussions of how we want our interiors to be done were refined over several iterations and seemingly finalised in a matter of weeks… that is for now. Well, its a long 3 years and who knows, our taste may change and new designs may draw out preferences to different directions. I still remember how I was into mid-century craze before moving into designs with strong forms and settling down to the current preferences of Urban Chic and Minimalistic Luxury.

For now, I have to find something to occupy myself while waiting for our place to be built, and it was not difficult. I had joined the Lush Acres Owners’ Group in Facebook and had heaps of lively discussions and learning loads of new things and absorbing new information. I’m glad that my future neighbours were a friendly, helpful and fun lot. They kind of got me interested in doing this topic in my first follow up post on Lush Acres on my blog. This topic was more architectural than design and it would help visualise how things might turn out for Lush Acres. I’m talking about doing some CSI stuff. 🙂 Having the information summary on the board of the condominium site, it was time to find out more about each of the key stakeholders behind this project: the Architects, the Builders, the Landscapers and the interior designers.

Lush Acres DetailsThe Summary Board, proudly displayed outside Lush Acres.

The Architects:
The designers of the building plans and the facade of the buildings. Honestly, Lush Acres is one of the condomiums with the most beautiful facades. It wasn’t the typical condominiums that you will see a monotonous replication of the facade across each level. With it’s alternating Balcony Entrance and Classic Entrance layouts, it created a constant rhythm and and break the monotony of the buidling facade. I would think that a close match would be Punggol’s first EC, the Prive. I saw the resemblance between Lush Acres and Prive’s facade and could help but look further. True enough, the two were penned by the same Architecture House, ADDP Architects. It makes me wonder whether these two developments were penned by the same team. 🙂 As good as Prive is, there is one particularly poor design, which I hope would not get ported over to Lush Acres. It is their rubbish chute. The Prive’s rubbish chute requires operation by hand and you need to get through a door before you get to the common rubbish cute! I seriously think that this is really a poor design and I hope it is just a one off. Here is a look at their past works and I am would say that they fair well for their past projects.

The Prive EC by NTUC Choice Homes and CEL Development:

Prive EC-1Prive EC-2The Prive EC (Pictures from Punggol Forums)

Prive EC-3 Prive EC-4 Prive EC-5The one bad design in Prive – The rubbish dump that requires operation by hand. I hope this doesn’t get ported over to Lush Acres (Picture from

Esparina Residences EC by Frasers Centrepoint Limited:

Esparina ECEsparina Residences EC – This wasn’t as pretty as the Prive, but still a well designed facade (Picture from

Treehouse by CDL:

Treehouse Condo 1 Treehouse Condo 2The Treehouse Condominium also by CDL (Pictures by Condoforum)

Treehouse Condo - Aqua BikeFor Lush Acres Owners who were wondering how the Aqua Bikes would look like in Lush Acres, this is probably how it’s going to be (Picture from Condoforum)

The Builder:
No, the Builder was not Bob and yes, they were a company with a good track record. The firm awarded the contract for building Lush Acres was Nakano. The builders were critical in delivering a reliable and defect free end result. This is something I couldn’t tell simply by looking at their works (although they might look good) and I had not done much CSI into Nakano. Nevertheless, feedback seems good from the Lush Acres Group. Their past works doesn’t look shody as well. 🙂

Caspian by Frasers Centrepoint Limited:

Caspian-1Nice Pool (Picture from Caspian-3Quality looks good here (Picture from Caspian JurongOne)

Optima@Tenah Merah by TID (Hong Leong and Mitsui Fudosan):

Optima-1 Optima-2 Optima-3These new condos look really good and that makes me can’t wait for Lush Acres! (Pictures from

The Landscapers:
I would say that the landscaping is not the strength or selling point in Lush Acres, the Topiary is. The Topiary was landscaped by renowned landscaper, Wirtz International while Lush Acres was to be done by Site Design International. I took a look at their profile and was disappointed at their lack of recent residential projects in Singapore. Most of their residential projects seem to be pretty old with Dahlia and Ris Grandeur being the more recent ones. I would say that I am not particularly impressed with Lush Acres’ landscaping.

Ris Grandeur by CPL Tampines Pte Ltd:

Ris Grandeur Landscape-1 Ris Grandeur Landscape-2Ris Grandeur’s landscaping was not particularly attractive (Pictures from CityLuxeHome)

Dahlia Park by Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd (Hong Leong):

Dahlia Park LandscapeDahlia Park’s Night Scene, not fantastic, but tranquil (Pictures from Site Concepts International Web page)Dahlia ParkIt relaxing in the morning as well. I would say, Site Concept International was not outstanding, but not too bad.

The Interior Designers:
All condominiums in Singapore were built with design schemes pre-determined by the Interior Designers. Lush Acres was one of the few ECs to offer an option of choosing a colour scheme out of 2. I took at look at the creative minds behind the good interior design scheme and I was attracted by their portfolio on the Home & Decor website. Their Sentosa Cove House example blends natural and rustic materials with contemporary minimalist designs very well, not creating a disharmony between these two contrasting elements. Have a look at their portfolio below and you will appreciate the link between Lush Acres’ interior and that of their designs.

Index Design-1 Index Design-2 Index Design-3 Index Design-4 Index Design-5 Index Design-6Sentosa Cove House – Interior Design by Index Design (Picture from Home & Decor Web Page)

Overall, the project team was experienced and their track record gave me pretty high confidence that Lush Acres would be a home to look forward to. 🙂

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