The Minimalist

The other Design Theme that I find complementary to the Modern and Contemporary Designs is Minimalism. A White Wash Canvas is often used in Minimalism Concepts to create the clean look. Clean, geometrical lines are then used to further declutter the visuals. Besides decluttering the visual objects in Minimalism, colours are also decluttered as well. This reads minimum colour palette. Minimalism, however, gives the place a cold and empty feeling. Hence, it is crucial to balance the whole look and feel of the design to create much needed warmth in a home. The last thing I want is to come home to an icy palace everyday.

This is how pure minimalist design is supposed to look like – Simplicity with Minimal Visual Cluttering.

Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Bedroom

After doing much research online, I found several good designs to mitigate the ice cold feel of a minimalist design. A perfect reference design can be found in by Ong & Ong Architects’ portfolio for a project at 31 Blair Road in Singapore. The project is build around a conservation house in Singapore and add lots of modern and contemporary elements into the interior. You can go to the link below for more details. This is masterpiece which not only melts away the coldness of Minimalism, but also, in the portfolio’s description, “marries the old with the new to create a charming living space”. Looking at the pictures, its nothing but the truth.

Minimalism at its Best – Warm Minimalism

The general backdrop canvas is still the usual white/grey/black tones working with functional storages to declutter the space via simple lines and to create the minimalist visual impact. What builds the warmth in the minimalist design is the Neutral Colour Palette selection in the form of Oak Wood and Green Bamboo. The natural colours adds “life” to the decluttered space while removing the coldness from the monotonous palette. The pictures below are courtesy from Ong & Ong Architects. This is the effect that I strive to achieve. Enjoy!

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