Modern and Contemporary Eras

Modern and Contemporary – These are 2 commonly heard design themes that a lot of people had used for their homes. The themes Modern and Contemporary are often used interchangeably. But not many knew the differences between the 2 and that these 2 terms actually refers to different eras of art movement. The Modern Era spans across 1860 to 1970 AD whereas the Contemporary Era starts from post World War II till today. Let’s have a look at the Modern Design Themes that I had crawled from the net. I had mainly looked for B&B Italia examples which I find them perfect representations of the beauty of Contemporary Interior Design.

B&B Italia Contemporary Living Room Designs

I found the below photos on an interesting site called Contemporist ( The below pictures are from a Mumbai Penthouse designed by Rajiv Saini & Associates. Its blends in elements of contemporary works from Italian brands (such as B&B Italia, Maxalto and Poltrona Frau) together with Modern Classic furnitures such as Carl Hansen & Son’s CH07 Shell Chair designed in 1963 by Danish Designer Hans Wegner.

B&B Italia Bend Sofa in a Contemporary Living Room Setup

Modern Classic Hans Wegner Shell Chair in a Contemporary Lounge

Poltrona Frau Quadra Sofa in a Contemporary Living Room

The key to creating a nice home using hybrid themes is how you melt the different design theme together in one space. Alternatively, you can also put different themes together effectively by creating exquisite, delineated spaces but maintain a gradual flow of theme to interconnect the spaces. Strategically using the designs created during the interwoven eras will allow designs and furnishings from the 2 movements to blend with perfection. Of course, there are designs which are ahead of their time. Just look at the Barcelona Chair by created by famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. Doesn’t it looks perfectly at ease in a contemporary living room? What about the Zig Zag Chair designed in 1934 by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld? Don’t it looks decades ahead of its time?

ImageBarcelona Chair in a Contemporary Living Room


Zig Zag Chair looking way ahead of its time

Iconic designs that are decades ahead of their time often blends perfectly with its contemporary counterparts without much trouble. Sometimes, they even make their contemporary counterparts look dated! So, its really an interesting option to put modernism into contemporaneity and create a whole new look and feel. But there is another interesting Design Theme that can complement these 2 themes. I shall touch on it in my next post.

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