Farewell to the Old…

It had been a tough day for the past few weeks. I had been very busy with packing my stuff in preparation for the big event: House Moving. I never knew that a small family of 2 had so much stuff. This is despite my wife and I threw away well more than 50% of our things! Nevertheless, we still packed a good 30 boxes of items for the house movers. We move with us a minimal number of furniture as we intend to furnish our next home with a consistent design language and theme. We kept only the pieces that we had bought from Kartell that remains as part of our plans and those that will keep us going got the next few years while we await the right time to enter the property market.

My Kartell Masters Chair Nicely wrapped

But still, moving that 50% of what was left was a massive task for us. To throw away the other 50% of the stuff that took us lots of efforts as well. After weeks of packing and several days of moving car loads of stuff by ourselves, here is what was left for the movers.

We never knew we had so much Stuff!

Its a good old morning where the sun shines brightly and the clouds are few to be seen. This is a rare sight in Singapore where you will find rain every single week. The time came for the movers to come to move our stuff to our new place of stay, my parents’ place. Boy, they were fast. Our 3 weeks worth of packing were gone in minutes, all loaded onto the truck downstairs. Brilliant. The wrapping of the piano and, glass cabinet, bed and TV took a little longer. The dismantling of the wardrobe took the longest. But it was all done in a matter of a little over an hour. Not too bad. All in all, the whole event was over in 3 hours time.

They were pretty organized in the moving.

… and they were done in minutes!

Wrapping up our Piano

Our Living Room was Emptied by the Hour Mark

Loading Up the Stuff

Our Movers: They done a Good Job, although not Superb…

Goodbye… My Home of 6 Years

The tough day was finally over and my body is all aching. Its now time to unpack and settle into my new home. It feels kind of sad that I am moving out of my home and it all seems to come to an end in sudden. After all, I had lived in this place for more than 6 years. The road to home now begins, but for now, I will search for the suitable road for me.


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